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Tiger's Curse (Tiger Saga, #1)
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February 28, 2014

Secret Project Revealed!

Posted by Colleen Houck


 I know I've been teasing you guys with this for a while but I am finally able to make an announcement that I hope you will be as excited about as I am.

You all know I've been working on an as yet untitled Egyptian themed book for my new publisher Random House and that it isn't set to publish until the fall of 2015. 

That's a long time for you all to wait for new material from me, so last fall I talked with my agent Alex (you can all send him gift baskets later) about the possibility of getting something out in the interim. He proposed the idea of doing a novella set in the world of Tiger's Curse. After thinking about it for a while, we came up with the idea of telling a story I know you've all been dying to get your hands on. Therefore, without further ado, I give you...

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February 4, 2014

Announcing winner of Sophie Jordan's new Book!

Posted by Linda Louise Lotti in Contest Winners, Contests, Fans


In celebration of the author and friend, Sophie Jordan, I held a contest last week asking for your feedback on what you’d do if you were told you had the kill gene. For those of you who missed this blog post, here’s a little preview of Sophie Jordan’s new young adult book entitled UNINVITED,

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February 4, 2014

Announcing Launch of New Website and Contest!

Posted by Linda Louise Lotti in Contests, Fans


 We are so very excited to announce the launch of Colleen Houck’s new website!

This is something Colleen has been  excited about for a long time and is beyond ready to cut the ribbon and reveal the new look. We invite you to go and check it out for yourselves at


We will slowly phase out the blog posts on tigerscursebook.com over the next month so be sure to make colleenhouck.com your new place to visit for everything Houck!

Now…in celebration of the launch of her new website, I’m offering a contest for an exclusive Kelsey Gift Pack including. . .

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January 24, 2014

Featuring the award winning author, Sophie Jordan!

Posted by Linda Louise Lotti in Contests, Fans


Featuring the award winning author,  Sophie Jordan

How many of you have picked up a new book and within pages, been carried away to another place and time, finding yourself unwilling to pull away from an intoxicating world discovered on the pages you read? Colleen Houck has a true love for reading and loves to share the stories she’s thoroughly enjoyed. Sophie Jordan is not only another talented and witty author, but a personal friend of Colleen.

For today’s blog, we would like to feature the mastermind behind the Firelight Series and upcoming Uninvited Series, Sophie Jordan!

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January 20, 2014

Wrapping up December Contests

Posted by Suki Lotti in Contest Winners


 December just finished out in a whirlwind and January is already two-thirds complete! Between the website being down, being gone on vacation (with an ear infection, a virus, and a migraine!), and then recovering from vacation and sickness and trying to get my 4 yo off attention neediness..... I didn't forget about you guys! I just to make sure I've covered all my bases!

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