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August 2, 2011

Contest Winners!

Posted by Colleen Houck in


Thank you to all who participated on the YA Scavenger Hunt yesterday!  There was an enormous outpouring of love from the fans that we all felt and we are so appreciative of all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to participate.  It was fabulous!  We had 1000 entries in our grand prize winner contest so here is the result you've been waiting for!

 Our GRAND PRIZE WINNER the winner of 23 signed books




of Richland Washington!

Your fantastic GRAND PRIZE will include signed editions of books, signed bookmarks, jewelry, and many more exclusive gifts with at least one from EVERY AUTHOR! Note: Your prize will be shipped to you from each author individually. Congratulations!


1) Kaitlyn Nicole Davis
2) Cassie Madsen
3) Lupe Saldivar
4) Cassidy Osborn
5) Leah Jean Dakin
6) Maria Maunez
7) Lisa Hood
8)  Laura Ferguson
9) Kelsey Hamersley
10) Emily Gilot


The first person who emailed me was KAITLYN NICOLE DAVIS!


If those of you on the list who didn't win will email my husband at brad.houck at comcast dot net he will send you a signed bookmark

This is the correct version of the puzzle just FYI

 Welcome fans of young adult literature! Don’t forget to WAKER up in time to join our special event! In YAHTZEE you roll the dice and, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Our scavenger hunt is very similar. Surprises wait around every corner. Turn one page and you’re chasing a GHOST through a SPOOKY GRAVEYARD. Turn another and you are being HUNTED by a TIGER which leaves your heart RACING. YA STORYBOOKS are full of SMOLDERING heroes who must SACRIFICE themselves for the greater good. Some of the characters travel through TIME or have a SECRET POWER. If there is one thing YA books have taught us, it’s that if you leave your HOMESTEAD keep an eye out for a patrolling WOLF. They’re very dangerous. Maybe not so frightening as a MINOTAUR, but still you should be careful. Also beware lest you become ENTRALLED by vampires. KISSING one is a different story. Just remember that bite has ETERNAL ramifications and that afterwards the sun can BURN you unless you get bitten by a glittering type. Whether you like dark, paranormal, romance, fantasy, STEAMPUNK, Sci-Fi, or a combination of those, we’ve got something for you.

We think that each fan is a ROCKSTAR and we love you all!


The next two contests were held in July and are not a part of the Scavenger Hunt






Only five can win so the first five who email me back with their mailing address will win a copy of the ARC of Tiger’s Voyage. My email address is contactme@colleenhouck.com. Good luck to you!





http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5794756-sarah stevenot




http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3460706-lindsay hightower



http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5908671-joe stacklin




If those of you on the list who didn't win will email my husband at brad.houck at comcast dot net he will send you a signed bookmark




I just want to say thank you all so much for participating. I thought I would only get a handful but I recieved over 200 submissions!  That made it very difficult to choose and impossible to post them all.  I am including my top ten honorable mentions and if your poem is on my list there you can email my husband Brad at brad.houck at comcast dot net and he will send you a signed bookmark.  Again thank you all!  Ren would be proud to talk poetry with all of you!

Since my husband helped me judge this contest, he would like to say...

Not only did we have a fabulous art contest, the poetry contest surpassed our expectations! Both Colleen and I are poetry lovers and we were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of submissions. From more than 200 submissions, it was not easy to pare down the list to the top 12. In fact, many well-written poems did not make the final cut. Poems were judged on, but not limited to, the following: overall presentation, unique voice/point of view, depth of thought, theme, creativity, format, rhyme scheme/free verse , word choice, and so forth. The most popular point of view was naturally Kelsey's. Thank you all for sharing your skills, your time, and your efforts! So without further commentary, here are the 12 finalists--not listed in any order, except for the two winnning poems at the bottom of the list. I hope you like them as much as we did. Congratulations to all who made this list!

Honorable Mentions

(I really like the ocean and the sun imagery here)
by Katie

Which one? 
The ever faithful sun, 
Who rises every morning bringing sunshine into my life.
Or the ever changing sea,
Who makes my heart race with its wild and unpredictable waters.
The sun that helps me to grow with its gentle warmth.
Or the sea that quenches my thirst for life with its mere essence yet makes me yearn for more.
The sun who is my ever present companion never failing to greet me every morning.
Or the sea, the one who makes my heart soar when it rises and plummets when it recedes. 
Which one is the one to choose that will make me the happiest.
Which one?

 (I like how this poem shows the pain BOTH of them feel)
by Summer Young
She tells me things
I cannot see
Things of
Her and Me
I don't remember
I don't respond
But what I do see
is the pain in her eyes
the tears on her cheeks
She doesn't see
The pain she brings me
Her name
Her voice
All bring me pain
of the darkness
the torture
I bring her pain
of not seeing her
And she brings me pain
of wounds unhealed
Twin wounded souls
Each wounded by the other
With painful eyes

 (I really liked the rythym of this one)
Breanne Kraft
A tear for recognizing that this was truly love
A tear for thinking that I was never good enough
A tear because I’m a radish and not a buffet
A tear believing it was best to walk away
A tear for leaving to be a whole world away
A tear for recalling when he begged me to stay
A tear for every moment of being so far apart
A tear sudden emptiness consumed in my heart
A tear for all the pain I know he must have suffered
A tear for knowing a second option is offered
A tear for his return. He is back, I am so glad
A tear for him forgetting all we ever had.


(I love all the colors used here)
by Xandria Johnson
Flaming orange 
touches my skin
burning a tattoo of pleasure.
A burst of yellow
splashes inside
awakening my soul.
Sprinkles of sienna 
kiss my eyes
lightening my vision.
Tendrils of green
wrap around my arms
drawing me closer to 
cobalt coolness.
This garden of
color is enlightening
as the tiger lilies
bloom from my heart.

(This one is very creative in how it uses the different features of Ren)
By: Alia Paddock
His fur, his glossy fur
Shadows draped across snow
Trees in a moonlit grove
Supple fur, a river of silk
A glossy coat over warm muscles
Muscles ready to embrace her
Or kill to protect her
His paws, his steady paws
Prints in the mud to guide her to her beloved
Paws that coax relaxation into her tensed back
To swat playfully butterflies by the waterfall
Or wound any threat to her
His tail, his graceful tail
It keeps him balanced on his feet
While her love keeps him balanced in his heart
To thwap any menace
Or brush a glistening tear softly from her face
His purr, his gentle purr
Birdsong on a spring morning
A roaring waterfall
The thrum of his guitar
Rumbles with more meaning than a thousand words
Her courage in a battle
Her breath underwater
Her sunshine in a storm
The sound she feels in her dreams
His tongue, his rough tongue
In a mouth that she fears
But would sooner harm himself
That brushes wet, pink kisses on her unsuspecting hand
His eyes, his incredible eyes
Cobalt windows into his soul that can see into hers
That light up with certain magic as he gazes at Kelsey
A gaze that makes her quiver in her chest
And brings color to her face
A gaze that can cripple her resolve
And melt away all her resistance
Eyes with more power over her
Than life itself
The last thing she sees before she slips into slumber
And the first thing she sees at the dawn of a new day
Eyes imprinted on the insides of her own
They contain a gravity she can never escape
Ren, Kelsey’s tiger
The embodiment of her love
More powerful than anything she could ever fear


(This poet went the extra mile and wrote the piece in two languages-Amazing!)
by Roshni Patel
Zakham pe zakham seh rahan hoon
Even after taking all this torture
Pata nahin kaise jeeye ja rahan hoon
I don’t know how I am still alive
Zamane ke sitam se nahin magar
Its not so much the atrocities
Tumse judaa ho kar mar rahan hoon
Being apart from you is whats killing me the most
Jahan bhi dekhoon andere hi andhere hai
Wherever I look there is only darkness
Dard hi dard har jaga hai yahaan
There is nothing here but pain
Tumhare pyar ki roshni ke liye
Only for the brightness of your love
Dil tarasta ja rahan hai mera
My heart pines the most
Yun to meri dhadkan mein base ho tum
Your are in the beating of my heart
Meri  nas nas mein behte ho sada
Only you flow through my veins
Kaise chupaoon dushman se tumhe?
How can I hide you from the enemy?
Meri har sans se guzarte ho sada
Only you are in each breath I take
Kis tara chupaloon tumhe mein?
How can I hide you?
Meri ruuh mein, wajood mein ho tum
You who are my spirit, my soul
Khudko agar mita sakta mein
If only I could destroy myself
Tumhare pyar ke sadke jaan de deta
For your love I would have given my life
Ab to bas itni hi duua hai meri
I only wish for one thing
Jahaan bhi ho tum sada khush rehna
Wherever you are, you will always be happy
Ho sake to bhula dena mujhe
If you can, please try to forget me
Tumhare pyar pe qurbaan dil hai mera
For your love, I sacrifice my heart


(I love the formatting of this poem)
by Jayci Arredondo
(From Kelsey's perspective the night Ren came to her in the hotel)
I was scared, but you seemed not
                while sanctioned in the dark,
                             and when your hand brushed up next to mine
                                            my heart skipped its rhythmic mark.

But later did come the marveling surprise
                that quakes my heart still,
                                when in the night you came to me
                                                and shook my very will.
I fell that eve, when in your arms
                my soul began to ache,
                                and deeper still I fell that night
                                                when your lips, a kiss, did take.

The softness of your lips on mine,
                the tenderness of your touch,
                                I couldn't bear to let you know
                                                I wanted you so much.

I can't explain the way I felt
                when in your arms so tight,
                                and watching you smile down to me
                                                made heaven of that night.

(I really enjoyed this one from Durga's point of view)
By Ashlei Cottom
(Durga’s POV)
Two tigers, day and night.
For one girl they will fight.
The dangers she may face will all be forgotten in her tigers embrace.
Two loves, one choice…
She may risk it all, even though she may fall.
She will answer my call.
Noble one, Favored one, My Daughter.

(This is a great one from Kelsey's point of view)
by Keerin DeWet
You were right here, my hearts spark;
Now you are nothing but a shell.
The hearth in my soul has gone dark;
Maybe this is hell.
When you look at me, diluted animosity
Has replaced those passionate blue flames;
What an unforgivable atrocity
That silence replaces those beautiful names.
I can’t help but beg to a deaf sky
To bring that fire back to me;
I Beseech stars with a desperate cry
To set my lover’s memories free.
But just as when my parents went
I’m left alone to face that pain…
But maybe it’s true that I’ve been lent
Temporary light to keep me sane
His eyes are gold instead of blue,
And the kisses aren’t the same.
But maybe while I wait for you,
Stars can go by a different name.
But it still won’t be what I want because…
 the one I’ve always wanted, was…


(I loved how this poem ended)
Jeanina Kay Reyes

I can remember
The first time I saw you 
Mesmerized by your big brown eyes
Your unbelievable beauty 
But there was something about you 
Like you needed me and I needed you 

I can remember
When I hugged you tightly against me 
Shielding you from the blistering cold, keeping you warm with my love 

I can remember
Your hands
As you laid them on my chest
Feeling my heart beat go not faster nor slower than yours
Simoutaneously beating like a drum 
Then I took your hand 
And kissed each one of your fingers 

I can remember 
When we kissed 
I took in your ripe smell of peaches-and-cream
Letting it drown my lungs
And having your soft lips connect with mine 
All I can think of was 

I can remember
Dreaming about you when you were gone
Pacing back and forth 
I was lost 
No sense of direction
Destination: You

I can remember
You, lonely you
Gentle, vulnerable you
Brave, gorgeous you
My love

Now all can remember is

And...without further ado...the winners!


Winner of the Tiger's Curse Audiobook

(I am totally amazed that this poet is only thirteen)
by Caroline Barnett

For what? I do not know. Yet I must. I sit.
To be moved from place to place without my consent.
For I! Me! The mighty prince of the Mujulaain Empire!
High Protector of the People...
Champion of the Battle of the Hundred Horses...!
Prince Alagan Dhiren Rajaram!
Heir to the Throne of my Parents!
Despair running through my fingers. Despair wasted. What could have been life.
If ?!
No. I must sit.
And Watch.
And Wait.
Ahh. Something new?
For what could this girl bring me in my years of captivity.
No more Alone, what else am I to do but
And Wait.
To her.
I have grown fond of this girl.
This girl.
Not afraid to touch.
Not afraid to stare into my eyes.
These cobalt blue eyes my mother bestowed upon me.
She gives me what I have lacked these many years.
Where is she?
She wouldn't.
I am alone.
There she sits.
For me.
My performance.
I lock eyes with her chocolate brown ones that seem to melt my soul.
What am I saying.
I pace back and forth.
Back and forth.
Here she comes!
Alone. For me.
Watching for me.
Waiting for me.
"I wish you were free."
What is happening?
This, this fur cape wrapped aroung my being.
Its cold, striped claws no longer hold me.
If merely for a second.
No longer leaving its marks and bruises and handprints.
If merely for a second.
She leaves.
Yet no more Loneliness. Or Watching. Or Waiting.
I have tasted something I swear I will never go back on.
I bask in it.


Winner of the Tiger's Quest Audiobook

(This poem is fantastic and made me laugh)
by Rachel Noftsier

My name is Kishan, but that you know.
My story began a long time ago.
I was a young prince ruling over men.
My only setback was my brother Ren.
I found my true love, but she was claimed.
Would you like to guess who I blamed?
I conspired against him to make her mine,
It was too late when I realized I'd crossed the line.
We were cursed to be tigers, my brother and I.
Cursed until the day we would die.
I lived in the darkness, angry and alone,
Long gone were the days I sat on a throne.
The years passed by, but I barely noticed.
My biggest regret was my bargain with Lokesh.
Then came the day I met Kelsey Hayes,
She lit up my world, brightened my days.
But she also belonged to my rival, Ren.
Would this injustice never end?
She was fond of my brother, this much I knew.
But I fell in love, and this time it was true.
There was joy in my soul, but also pain.
Would fate never end its cruel game?
But this flicker of hope could not be killed.
For with every touch, my heart is thrilled.
Her gentle gaze penetrates my tiger mask.
She's the only one who sees through my act.
This powerful need I can no longer ignore,
This beautiful girl is the one I will fight for.
But I'm afraid I can say no more my friends,
Though I know the question running through your heads.
"Will Kelsey choose Ren? Or will Kishan get his way?"
It's the question I ask myself everyday.
But I know not what will happen in the final scene,
For my fate lies in the hands of Ms. Colleen.

Congratulations to my two winners CAROLINE BARNETT and RNOFTSIER! You have ONE WEEK to email me to claim your prize. Please include your mailing address in your email. My email address is contactme@colleenhouck.com.



Just a reminder... 




My event planner Meaghan has said that she wants me to be out on tour for TIGER'S VOYAGE from November 1st until Thanksgiving and she would like all you to help plan my tour. I have been to a lot of fantastic places but there are some that I've missed and she needs to know where she should send me. If you'd like me to come to a city near you during the Voyage tour please email her at kids@sterlingpublishing.com and also ask your nearby bookstore to host me and to email her too if they are willing to have me. The bookstore doesn't have to be a Barnes & Noble and it really doesn't even have to be a bookstore. A local library can host me too. The important thing is that she knows there are fans there who want to see me and the more noise the fans make in a certain area the better the odds.

She's already had some fans write in to her from Florida and Massachusetts so don't let your city/state be left off the tour schedule. Now is the time to book tour dates!



Until Next Time,





August 6, 2011


When and what will the next contest be? I forgot to enter the art contest and the poetry contest. I will definitely be entering this one.


August 5, 2011


i agree with keericxi, please come to texas!!! preferably the austin/san antonio area. that would make my day. im a huge tiger fan and i cant wait for TV. good luck on your series colleen! i definately will be buying and reading the whole series. im also trying to get you some more fans. im working on my best friends but they havent bought the books yet so im keeping my fingers crossed they love it like i do.


August 4, 2011




August 3, 2011




August 3, 2011


Brad ur awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


August 2, 2011


I just got done reading what the puzzle was correctly and, I'm not blaming him because I honestly think it's funny, if I wouldn't have listened to my husband on it in two spots I would have gotten it right. lol My husband said to put Minotaur where Tiger is at and visa versa lol.


August 2, 2011


i rely loved all the poems!!!!!!!!!!:D i don't even know which one is best?!?!?!?!? how did you two chose!?!??!?!? well i rely hope you can come to Phx. Arizona in Nov. 23 the day before my b-day please?!?!?!?!?:D that would be vary cool! and i hope you do this again! there grate!!!!!!!!!


August 2, 2011


I don't know how I didn't get e-mailed for the goodreads contest, I did everyone! >:(


August 2, 2011


This is sure a lot to go through! I really enjoyed the contests and the poems. (I really like the last one even though I am Team Ren). Congrats to all the winners!! :)


August 2, 2011


Wow there is sure a lot to read=)


August 2, 2011


Lovely and beautiful poems. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you, Mrs. Houck for making this possible for all of us.


August 2, 2011


Wonderful poems! I usually have no luck with contests so this is pretty awesome! Thank you so much for the honorable mention! I hope your tour will make it to Texas! :)


August 2, 2011


I love all the poems and glad you enjoyed mine :) I thought the whole contest (all of them) were wonderful and I had fun participating in all of them!


August 2, 2011


Colleen and Brad, Thanks for all the contest. This was really fun. I didn't win, but I'm still happy. Congradulation to all the winners. You all did a good job, I really enjoyed reading all the poems. Hope we have more contest like this soon.


August 2, 2011


Great Poems


August 2, 2011


Yay! This is so exciting! Maybe I'll have better luck at the Scavenger Hunt in December...But that's ok! :) So glad my poem made it onto the honorable mentions list!


August 2, 2011


Great job handling this contest, Colleen! Looking forward to the next one and hopefully seeing you here in the Tampa Area in November!


August 2, 2011

Starfire Blaze

I enjoy doing your contests. The scavenger hunt was so much fun. I love the poems you picked. I am glad to be honorably mentioned. I hope you can come to Florida.


August 2, 2011


Congrats to everybody! Those were some awesome poems. Have any of the honorable mention poets tried to e-mail sales@colleenhouck.com? My e-mail provider says that e-mail is rejecting mine.


August 2, 2011


Congrats to the winners! I hope I win next time .) We should do YA Scavenger Hunt again some time, it was a BLAST...that's right....with a capitol B :)


August 2, 2011


That last poem cracked me up XD


August 2, 2011


Congrats everyone!!!!! And to those like myself, better luck next time :)


August 2, 2011


Miss Colleen, Are you going to post the correct puzzle answers? I'd really like to know if I got it right or not. Thanks for having the scavenger hunt, it was super fun! I hope you have another one soon!


August 2, 2011


That's the last I ever compete for any contest of hers. But Congrats to the winners anyway.


August 2, 2011

Tiger's Heart

*sigh* Those poems were beautiful! Congrats to all the VERY lucky winners!! I can't wait for the next contest!


August 2, 2011


Awesome job guys, congrats to all who won. Colleen Thanks 4 all this.