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December 7, 2011

Happy Holidays

Posted by Colleen Houck in


 Hi Everyone!

The YA Scavenger Hunt was amazing and so much fun!  Thank you so much to all who participated!  We had over 1,000 entries for the grand prize.  The winners of all the hunt contests as well as the winners from the contests I ran during November are listed below.  Watch out for our next YA Scavenger Hunt which will take place on April 1st.  Mark you calendars now so you won't miss it!


Sandra Lin of AUSTRALIA


Roshni P. (Roshni)
Korrine G. (bkgentner)
Tiffany D. (tifferz)
Crystal J. (TwoTigers)
Britney P. (yaytigersaga)
Alexis L. (sweetkisses)
Brandy K. (bkorzep)
Janet H. (jaydream)
Janet B. (JaxomB)
Crystal B. (CrystalBrown)


Sarah K. - Tiger's Curse
Veray C. - Tiger's Quest
Jenna D. - Tiger's Voyage


Melody M.

I would have had a really hard time choosing a winning recipe if I were judging this contest instead of the random number generator. Every single recipe sent to me sounded so good! I loved the variety. I got drinks, desserts, and main dishes of different ethnicities. Oh, so yummy... I was drooling.

Melody wrote me this: "If I were going to attract a tiger/man, I would make him dessert. If that's not the way to a man's heart, I don't know what is! I recently found this dessert on Pinterest. I've not tried it yet, but I'm not sure how it could be bad. I mean, really."

Oh, and just wait until you  read the recipe and see the picture. This is a SEVEN layer cake. It is a brownie, cheesecake, cookie, smores, yummy, drool worthy cake. Because this cake is so in-depth and because I want to give the original blogger credit for it, I am going to link to her post. Seriously everyone, go check it out!


All winners have received an email from Suki.
Respond quickly so we can get your prize to you!


I have two copies of the Brazilian edition of Tiger's Curse, called a maldição do tigre to give away.  If you'd like to get a copy, tell me why you think you deserve to have one by leaving a comment here on my blog. Preference will be given to a person who can read Portuguese or who has a family member who can.


I am going to be doing another live chat on my U-stream channel but I want to handle questions a little differently this time.  Send your questions to contactme@colleenhouck.com and my sister will get rid of repeat questions and then email me a good list.  This way I can just talk and not have to constantly refresh the page and miss questions.  I'll be doing the live chat on Wednesday, December 21 at 6 pm pacific time.  In the meanwhile, don't forget to send my sister your questions!



Born Shahid Kapoor
25 February 1981 (age 30)
Delhi, India
Occupation: Film actor

Several of you have chosen Shahid as a possible actor for Ren. I can definitely see him playing the role of an Indian prince. Can't you?

Here's a shot of his hair a little longer.  Just in case anyone wants to follow him on twitter, here is his handle. @shahidkapoor 

Kapoor was born to actor Pankaj Kapoor and actor/classical dancer Neelima Azeem on 25 February 1981. Kapoor's parents divorced when he was three. After the divorce, he lived with his mother and maternal grandparents in Delhi.

As far as his religious affiliation is concerned, Kapoor has stated in an interview that while his father is a Hindu and his mother is a Muslim, both his parents have taught him that he "should look at all religions without hatred and have compassion for every human being whatever his religion may be," saying that he believes that "there is one God up above."

(Huh-that's a little like Ren actually)

He has three half siblings: a sister named Sanah and brothers named Ruhaan and Ishaan Khattar.

Before starting off his career as an actor, Kapoor worked in several music videos and ads, including the Pepsi commercial with Shahrukh Khan.

He joined the Shiamak Davar Institute for the Performing Arts (SDIPA), where he was later seen as a background dancer along with actress Aishwarya Rai.

In 2003, Kapoor played his first leading role as Rajiv Mathur, a carefree young man in Ken Ghosh's moderately successful love story Ishq Vishk.

Film critic Taran Adarsh from indiaFM wrote, "Shahid Kapoor is an actor to watch. He has all the qualities to hit the top slot. Not only is he good looking, but he is an amazing performer as well. Very original as a performer, the youngster has handled the dramatic and emotional moments with flourish. He is an exceptional dancer as well."

(Note: Ren is a good dancer also)

 When Shahid played twin brothers in a movie, Rajeev Masand from CNN-IBN wrote, "Shahid Kapur rises to the challenge of creating two entirely different characters out of Charlie and Guddu, and delivers a credible performance as each. Breaking out of his chocolate-boy image, he gives evidence of his potential when trusted with well-written roles."

(Note: not sure what "chocolate boy" means but I have to say I'm intrigued)

Kapoor identifies himself as a vegetarian.

He was dating Kareena Kapoor for three years but they've since broken up. According to him, they remained on good terms, with him saying, "I wish her all the happiness in the world. I have great respect for her. She is a wonderful girl."

(Note: I kinda like a guy who speaks well of his ex-girlfriend)


Here are some fun awards he's won over the years:

2004: Sansui Awards, Best Male Debut 
2005: Blistex Awards, Best Lips - Male
2008: Annual Central European Bollywood Awards, Best Couple (along with Kareena Kapoor) 
2009: Voted as the Sexiest Male Vegetarian In Asia by PETA
2009: Teacher's Achievement Awards, People Achiever Award
2010: Indian Television Awards, Best Anchor - Music/Films Show (for 16th Anuual Star Screen Awards)
2011: Fun and Fearless Awards 2011, Male Actor 2010
2011: Telly Chakkar's New Talent Awards, Youth Icon Of The Year

(Hmm best lips, fun and fearless, likes teachers, youth icon...what's not to like?)

Here he is dressed in white clothing just to give you an idea of what he'd look like as Ren.

Wasn't Ren wearing a blue hoodie at Tillamook with a dragon design? This picture reminds me of that.  All in all I'd say he's a pretty good choice.  The only think I can't find online is how tall he is.

He has the kind of good looking yet nice guy quality I'm looking for in a Ren actor.  What do you guys think?  Leave a comment below to tell me if you think he'd be a good choice for Ren or if you have a different suggestion.





To make my characters seems a bit more real, at least to me, I wanted to give them little quirks.  One of Mr. Kadam's is that he loves pretty much anything with an engine.  He has a weakness for luxury cars, luxury anything really.  There is a scene that was in my original self-published book that we cut from the current edition of TIGER'S CURSE where Mr. Kadam tells Kelsey all about cars.  This scene happened right after they dropped off Ren and before Kelsey and Mr. Kadam toured Hampi.


Explaining, he said, “There will be too many tourists on the site during the day, so Dhiren can wait here while we walk the grounds and look for clues. We will return for him in the early evening.”

I watched Ren out the window as he moved in the tall grass. He turned to watch me as we drove away. Shortly afterwards, we pulled into a dirt parking lot full of tiny vehicles.

“Mr. Kadam?”


“Why are most of the cars in India so small? Do they have smaller families? Are those styles the most popular?”

“Well, first of all, the middle class in India earns around $2,000 American dollars per year. They don’t have nearly as much money as the middle class people of America. The average car in India costs around $2,500 dollars American. The cars here are smaller but much more economical.”

“That seems about right, most cars in America can cost about a year’s salary.”

He nodded, “At present, only a little over one percent of the people in India even own a car, which was fine for many years because they didn’t travel very far. For centuries most of the people of India were born, married, and died in their small villages.”

“But all that is changing now?”

“Yes. Car manufacturers are targeting India, trying to sell small, economical cars at a very cheap price. They are hoping to take advantage of our rising middle class, as well as the large numbers of young people who desire to have a car of their own. The problem is, the country is so densely populated that the major cities aren’t set up yet for that much traffic. For now, smaller sized vehicles are rather a necessity.”

“So your jeep is like the Hummer of India?”

He laughed, “Yes, I suppose you could say that. The trunk space in those smaller vehicles will only hold a small duffel bag. When you drive around with tigers, you need something a bit larger.”

“I think even the smallest cars in American are bigger than these.”

“There are several reasons for that. In the early 1900’s Americans were spread out much further and they required a vehicle to help them travel the long distances to town. When cars first started selling, America was a prosperous and rapidly growing nation. The open borders between states gave people the freedom to travel and inspired them to get out on the roads and explore their country. Since the Model T, cars have also been a powerful symbol of freedom and have become a strong piece of American culture. When the middle class started to move out to the suburbs, it forced them to spend hours in their cars commuting and a more comfortable ride was preferable.”

“That’s true. My foster parents hated the commute so much in Portland that they took jobs in Salem, so they’d spend less time in traffic. When they did that, they actually downsized their cars.”

He nodded, “Large vehicles also have a subliminal effect. They make you feel secure, imposing, and denote the driver’s personality. In America, the car you drive makes a statement about who you are. I would even say that one of the main themes in American culture is that size matters.”

I laughed, “Yes, that’s probably true. America doesn’t do anything the small way.”

He chuckled, “I must confess that I love the large American cars. In fact, I love all types of cars, almost as much as I love airplanes. I have traversed the globe in all manner of accommodations and I have come to appreciate fast travel and enjoy the comfort of not having my head hit the roof as well as the luxury of having plenty of leg room.”

I looked across the parking lot, “The little ones here are kind of cute, but you’re right, traveling a long distance with your head bent because you’re too tall is not a fun thing.”

We pulled over and parked in front of the gate. Mr. Kadam didn’t stop to purchase a map of the area. He said he remembered it pretty well. He led me to the first and largest structure, the Virupaksha Temple. It was about ten stories tall and resembled a giant upside-down waffle cone.

Mr. Kadam's Rolls-Royce

The Bentley Zagato Rental Car
(Note: I don't think you can actually rent one of these)

Mr. Kadam's Jeep

Another view of the Rolls


That's it for now.  Have a great week and for you Utah fans, see you next week!

Wednesday, December 14th – 6:00pm-8:00pm

The King's English Bookshop
1511 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
Phone: 801-484-9100
Fax: 801-484-1595

Excited to see you all!




July 17, 2012


I know this is a little late, but I actually see Shahid as a better contender for Kishan. Seriously, check out the closing credits for Dil Bole Hadippa (basically music video for Hadippa remix). He is nothing but sexy in that bad boy way that I picture Kishan.


May 27, 2012


Shahid would be perfect for Ren and btw Shahid is 5'10


February 20, 2012


Shahid Kapoor would be a awesome actor to play Ren! I agree with everyone who said that!


January 30, 2012


Shahid Kapoor would be a PERFECT Ren, in my opinion. I agree with Porcelain. he is drop-dead gorgeous with a hot smile, and has the body to be Dhiren!! I absolutely choose him. If only his eyes were that brilliant blue... Well,I would still pick him. He's EXACTLY as I thought Ren would look like!! Hope he plays the role! :D


January 21, 2012


thats my ren of the month i like him the most far away :) and tell mrs. colleen that its nice letting your lil sis doing all of the email/comments that must be a huge task plus writing a book :S hard work


January 18, 2012


Kapoor would be the perfect choice for Ren!! He's got the soft look with the drop-dead gorgeous smile and body just as he's described in those addicting books of yours! .) Haha I definitely vote him as Dhiren! He's perfect for him! If you read the expressions and poses he takes in the books and look at Kapoor you'll see he's the perfect fit. :) Even if he is a tad too tall or short is won't matter too much. Haha, if he's too short just put him in heels!


January 17, 2012


I think he would be a brillent choice regardless of height! he's how I see my ren .. no I just have to find myself one near by *goes of prince hunting*


December 14, 2011


I like him as Ren but can he wear blue contacts and will they look brilliant and blue


December 12, 2011


Hmmm, I know you are featuring Mr. Kadams cars but I would absolutely love to see a picture of Kelsey's shiny blue Porsche!!!


December 12, 2011


Definitely!! luv it hopefully we can find someone for kishan now :)


December 11, 2011


Shahid Kapoor without a doubt, he has looks, body and....well he just fits the "Ren discription" perfactly.


December 11, 2011


Shahid all the way. He's an extremely versatile actor, and I'm sure many girls would be pleased if he accepted an offer to do this movie.


December 11, 2011


"Chocolate Boy image" he was known for playing a sweet innocent and soft charming boy. Playing in the movie 'Kaminey: The Scoundrels' He shows he can play both good and bad. Great choice! love everyone likes this choice too. I thought about Shahid the first time, I read Rens description.


December 10, 2011


So i keep seeing shahid kapoor as people's personal pick for ren but i never really agreed to it. Recently, i saw a video of him and it kind of changed my mind. After posting this comment, i'm pretty sure i'm going to view more videos of him lol. Happy holidays colleen!


December 10, 2011


My mum is Portuguese and i'm really stuck for something to give her for Christmas.if i were to give her MY FAVOURITE BOOK EVER for Christmas in her own language, I think she would be touched by something so personal. It really would be a great gift and something really, really cool to put on her bookshelf.


December 10, 2011


I really like this guy! He is a lot like I imagined Ren. Except he had blue eyes. That doesn't matter. Good job findng him Mrs. Colleen!!!


December 10, 2011


I love your book and I just finished your 3rd book in a Tigers Curse and i was wondering what your 4th book was.


December 10, 2011


http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1372788/bio He is 5'7" but still would make a great Ren!


December 9, 2011


Yesssss he would be a very delic.. *cof cof* very good actor for Ren! Annnnnnd got you more 2 brazillian fans/readers thanks to twitter and your kind answers! XD Soon you'll have a brazillian fandom!! XD


December 9, 2011


luv the actor i would say he would make a "very good" ren :) Hope he's available for the movie


December 9, 2011


I knew that Shahid should've been Ren because I just won a bet and gained 5 bucks!!! thanks colleen


December 9, 2011


As soon as I looked at the picture of Shahid in the hoodie, it felt as if he was directly staring at me. I got the feeling as if I had just read an intimate moment with Kelsey and Ren. He has that smoldering but loving quality about him that Ren had. At the same time he gave me goosebumps. He is everything I imagined Ren would look like! Wow...to put a face to a name is an understatement. He completely embodies Ren for me:)


December 8, 2011


Colleen, ... Regardless of his height, Shahid is PERFECT for Ren!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))) They can give him a virtual leg extension! Teeheehee If they can shrink grown men down to hobbits in The Lord of The Rings, ... then they can make him appear to be taller! Or they could get a shorter actress for Kelsey! :)))


December 8, 2011


I'm from Brazil northeast and since I had the oportunity to read Tiger's Curse I can't speak about another book! I made a review on my website and I can't even say how much Incredible would be to have my book autographed by someone that so quicly became one of my favorite authors of all time! I've never had and never thought that I would have a chance to win such a wonderful gift and only to think that i'm one of the candidates to the prize made my hands shake a little. To read about the love between Kelsey and Ren touched me in a way that I don't even have words enough to describe. It would definitely be the Perfect Christmas gift of my entire life! Only to see the book in my original language here posted on your website already is a honor to me! Thank you very much to have created this amazing love story to us, Collen!


December 8, 2011


He is the perfect guy for Ren. At first I didn't really see it then i watched the youtube video of hhim I fell in love with him he is the perfect actor just add blue contacts and BAM you have ren.


December 8, 2011


Hey! My name is Jenny and i think i should get a copy of one of the portuguese books because one of my oldest and best friends is visiting from brazil in a little bit and i would love love love to give her my favorite book in her native language


December 8, 2011


OOOO Ren!!!


December 8, 2011


i like this guy Very nice looking and definitly a "Ren" kind of guy!! Now we need a Kelsey and Kishan. I dont know about you but finding Kelsey will be hard!!


December 8, 2011


ahhh i think i am in lovee!!! he is perfect he just needs some blue contacts and then he will be a great ren!!!


December 8, 2011


he is the perfect guy to play ren! he looks just like what i pictured ren would look like


December 8, 2011


He is definetly Ren, just a pair of blue contacts and we got our winner. I hope Raffi gets to cast him, cuz he'll be very chocolately in Tiger's Curse the movie .)


December 8, 2011


"Chocolate-Boy" means he's done mostly romantic movies with the sweet "boy next door" kinda role. Btw, seen most of his movies - he sure is chocolately .) If anyone wants to see him in an over the top sugar coma inducing role check out Vivah (meaning "Marriage") - it is an over the top, stereotyped, not really realistic nowadays take on arranged marriage in India, but he was pretty good in it - its available with english subtitles on You Tube. So is Ishq Vishk - his first movie!


December 8, 2011


I love this books so much, I keep reading it over and over again! I have a family who lived in Brazil for a few years, so I'm thinking it will be a perfect gift! I just hope to share this series with anyone I can, It's so wonderful!


December 8, 2011

Starfire Blaze

Wow Shahid Kapoor is an amazing choice, I seen one of his movies (Jab We Met) if i spelled that right. He is such a great dancer and i am jealous of his mad skills :)


December 8, 2011


OMG! Will the Brazillian version have your autograph? I NEED IT FOR LIFE!!! I need it as much as Kelsey needs Ren! YoY Colleen, I have to say, you are an inspiration for life! After ten years denying my wil to finish my books, yours and your family's proximity and dedication to your fans inspired me to try again. Thank you for reviving my dream! Btw, my friends here in Brazil can't stand to hear about your tigers anymore XD


December 7, 2011

Tiger's Heart

Nooo!! I'm going home to SLC for the holidays 4 days AFTER your book signing! Just my luck! Aw well. Have a great trip! I've never been to the King's English....Anyway, I think Shahid would make a good Ren ^_^ And Happy Holidays to you and all my fellow readers!!


December 7, 2011


i totally agree he is quite a hunk... yes i definitly see him as a possible for playing ren. of course i havent thought of anyone that would fit the descrption in the US. any ways yeah he has my vote for Ren


December 7, 2011


I agree! That actor is a hunk. His personality can definitely be seen in his demeanor. I Think he would definitely be great as Ren. He would need to wear colored contacts if he does play Ren. You just cant cut that out of the movies sorry. Drove me nuts in Harry Potter that his eyes were green in the books but not on tv.


December 7, 2011


I agree that Shahid Kapoor is an excellent choice for Ren. He is similar in so many ways and he is so talented. I definitely think with blue contacts, he is Ren!! Check out his web page...Hot, hot hot!!! I follow him on twitter and I think everyone should too and convince him that he should read the books so that he can see that he was meant to play Ren in the movie!


December 7, 2011


A "chocolate hero" is an actor who is more cute than handsome - the sort of guy teenage girls dream about. I love Shahid! And it's funny how many ways he resembles Ren. Maybe we should all start Tweeting at him to read the books!


December 7, 2011


SHAHID KAPOOR would be grate as one of the brothers!!!! i sow one of his movies and loved it!!!! he rely is a grate acter i hope is plays the role


December 7, 2011


Shahid Kapoor looks like a GREAT choice for Ren.I would be estatic if he were to be ren in the movie! The only flaw that I can see is that he would need blue contacts.


December 7, 2011


I definetly see Shahid Kapoor as Ren. Ineffable pictures should seek him out as an actor for Ren. Does he speak English? He probably does and I'm just forgetful. But he very similar to how I imagined Ren


December 7, 2011


I'm a big fan and have told friends and family about your books. I am currently a college student studying portuguese for my degree. It would be an interesting and educational experience to read a book I love in a different language. I would really like to see how well the humor and concepts of the book would translate in a different language. My portuguese instructor always says that the best way to learn a different language is to immerse yourself in it. While spanish has greatly helped me in learning portuguese a fun non-educational book will really drive home the portuguese language. Muito obrigado.


December 7, 2011


I like Shahid for Ren, he looks like a great choice. And Im so putting that date in my ipad calendar on an alert! I had so much fun doing that.


December 7, 2011


Shahid Kapoor is a great choice for Ren!!!!!! :D


December 7, 2011

Bagh Dost

Love the lips! and the rest isn't too bad either. I just googled him and it said he is 5'10"


December 7, 2011


Kapoor is very handsome and seems like a great option for Ren :)