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Tiger's Curse (Tiger Saga, #1)
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December 15, 2011

A HUGE Announcement

Posted by Colleen Houck in


Hi Everyone!

I have been getting tons of emails, tweets, and notes from my fans asking about the latest Tiger's Curse news that came out the other day: that Paramount Pictures has optioned the film rights to the book. Well I can tell you officially that this is true, and I am SO thrilled. As you all know from previous posts and discussions, we have been working on this for a while and I couldn't be more happy with the dream team assembled to bring my books to life on screen. I have no doubt that Paramount Pictures along with producers Mary Parent and Raphael Kryszek will make this into a beautiful, amazing film. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to every single one of you who has continued to read my books. Without all of you, this would never have been possible. We are in kind of a top-secret mode right now as the movie develops but I cannot wait to share more news with you as soon as I can! 


Here is the link if you'd like to read more about the announcement. http://url2it.com/klgk

You can also follow my producers on twitter here:

Paramount Pictures Twitter User: @ParamountPics
Disruption Entertainment Twitter User @DisruptEnt
Ineffable Pictures Twitter User: @IneffablePics

This is very exciting news for me and I'm really looking forward to all the exciting adventures to come.
Happy holidays everyone!




August 8, 2015

Black Tiger

So when Will the Movie come out ?? Can't wait !!!!!!


April 10, 2015


I absolutely LOVE LOVE this book. I read it last year and couldn't put it down. I literally check it out every week at my school's library!! Colleen Houck, you are absolutely the best author EVER !!! I can't wait for this movie !! I'll probably watch it over and over again. OMG!!! I am so excited !! I love the tiger's curse series and I hope to buy my own personal collection ( I haven't been able to because don't have the money but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it )


January 13, 2015


Im so thrilled to find out this is happening. Ive been a fan of this series for the longest time and recently got the chance to own all of the books, including the prequel novella. I cant wait for the final installment, Tiger's Dream, to come out, until then, im so excited for this movie! ahhh!!


November 20, 2014




September 6, 2014


OMFG OMFG OMFG I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I really can't wait. And I'll be the first person to be at the Cinema!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh omg I can't believe it :D


July 27, 2014


I am disappointed in you Colleen! I am crying like my dad just died or like when ren died because you did this. I wish I had written these books so that you wouldn't give away my reason for existence for the sake of freaking visual entertainment! I have no reason to live anymore!


July 27, 2014


My life is ruined


July 25, 2014


O M G. i am soooo excited . when i heard that you were making a movie about my all time top of the list favorite book ever i literally screamed for joy into my pillow for an hour. thank you soo much for the bottom of my heart. you are my hero. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


July 16, 2014


Collen, I am so proud of you! From the moment I read "Tiger's Curse" I couldn't stop reading! You are my favorite author ever! You make the best books and I can't wait for the movie! I love you so much!


June 25, 2014


i am in love with the Tigers Curse saga!!!!! i even got a giant stuff white tiger for Christmas!!!! hahah guess what i named it hahaha!!!! i hope the movie is as good as the book :)


June 11, 2014


OMG!!!!!! thank you so much. i love Tiger's Curse, it is my favorite all time series. Do you know who are the actors and actresses for the movie? i cant wait!


June 3, 2014

abbi minor

Hi my name is Abbi and I am reading tiger's voyage right now it is so good and how many tiger saga books are there?


April 12, 2014


i am going to hug you so hard. i have always wanted this series to have movies! im making my mom read the series :3 im working on my sis :D


January 21, 2014


Oh my gosh I'm soooooooooo excited for the movie! Currently on my third read of the series this year (I discovered it over the summer and fell in love with it). Can't wait!!!


December 10, 2013


I cannot wait! I started reading these books recently and im now on book two tiger's quest. I LOVE it so so much and I am so grateful that you put so much time into them. This book deserves to made into a movie. Whenever I think of Ren, I think of David Gandy... lol just a Suggestion. Thanks xoxo(:


November 17, 2013


HELLO!!! i


October 25, 2013


I am so happy!!!!! Does anyone know the cast yet?


September 7, 2013


Oh my gosh a movie! How thrilling! Please make sure you make all the characters live up to the ones within the story. I will make sure to watch this movie as soon as it comes out and purchase it as soon as it's out on Dvd in order for me to be a loyal fan of this amazing series! MAKE US PROUD COLLEEN! -Your biggest fan


August 31, 2013


I cannot wait for the movie. I am going to drag my friends for it!Even my friend who didn't read the books is interested. :3


August 7, 2013


hey Collen. You probably won't look at this but I just wanted to say that I personally think that this movie would be great if it was made up of fans. You probably know what I'm going to say next (hey! I want to audition for Kelsey, blah blah blah)Anyways, I think it would be a great opportunity for fans to connect with this book even further if they have a chance to be a part of the movie. And think, it would be the first of it's kind, (maybe, I'm not really sure) because it would be made up of fresh new faces.I understand that you probably have no power over who they cast, but I think you should consider this idea. I know that you might want A-list actors for this movie but it would give fans a chance to become a part of that A-list if they had a chance at the movie. I'm sure that even if fans can't audition for the major roles (the big one being Kelsey) they would be perfectly content being extras.I know you mentioned in you FAQ page that you would keep us posted if you have any news over the cast and such, but I'm terribly impatient when it comes to that. Anyways, this is getting rather long so I'll stop while I'm ahead. Sincerely yours -Josie (AKA) DurgasDamon


July 27, 2013


Kelsey should DEFINITELY be played by Jennifer Lawrence.


March 22, 2013


I Love The Tigers curse series purrs its tiger tastsic


November 12, 2012


can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited :)


October 29, 2012


I can't wait for the movie. I'm soooo happy because i love the books and I'm a big fan.


October 17, 2012


First, the fourth book was AMAZING thank you Colleen it was great. Second, I heard of the book Tiger's Dream can disclose any information on the release date and or what it will be about because as far as I can see there are only a few things it could be about...please tell us something!


September 30, 2012




September 1, 2012


I got my copy of Tiger's Destiny yesterday and I'm already halfway through it! Love it!


August 16, 2012


do what suzanne collins did and help write the movie and supervize casting.


July 6, 2012


I can't wait until 2015 for the movie i am NOT a patient person !!!! i can barely stay sane waiting for Tiger's Destiny to come out..


July 5, 2012


I NEED to know when the movie is coming ouit!! I'll be first in line!!


June 6, 2012


Congradulations, Colleen! I'm way proud of this, and extremely excited. Colleen thank you for writing the books and now the movies will happen. It's a giant step to a new beginning of your career. I really am going to encourage you to write more books. So many authors dream of this opportunity and you just started this writing. Your are so lucky and I totally love your books. When the movie comes out. When will that be anyways? Well, Please don't let hollywood or anything else ruin what you want. Please keep writing and I really hope that you will do very good. Good luck Colleen!


May 24, 2012


don't let them make it like the Percy Jackson movie. i loved the books to death, then they gave Annabeth red hair and practically destroyed any chance or a good 2nd movie, DON'T LET THEM DO THAT!!!


May 8, 2012


can't wait till the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your books


April 27, 2012


so whens the movie coming out?


April 9, 2012


Hello Colleen, I was wondering if there will be any language or sex/nudity in the film I sure hope not because if that happened I would not be able to watch the movie and I would be very upset I have read Tigers Curse 5 times and am doing all i can to get my hands on the 2nd book the only thing that would be ok is the kissing because the is so much between ren and his brother and kells. Thank you taking the time out of your day to read this because I know how hard it can be somedays and will there be a part 4 to the book and are they going to make a movie of every book. thanks again, your fan tigers_curse_saga_fan


April 6, 2012


A movie? WOW!!!!!!!! Can't wait! I think Taylor Lautner should be one of the brothers!!!!!!!!!


April 1, 2012


One Question: WHEN????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You're killing me here, Colleen! I can't wait till September 4th to get my hands on Tiger's Destiny, and I DEFINITELY CANNOT WAIT INDEFINITELY FOR MY BABIES TO BECOME REALITY!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't let them botch this for me!!!!


March 31, 2012


OMG! I hope it comes out soon! I wonder who will act as Kishan????


March 28, 2012




March 12, 2012


This could not get any better. I just wish that they would come out sooner, but no pressure everything takes time.


March 5, 2012


I'm so excited! I hope they make this the lovely and lush dedication to Indian culture and beauty it is and not just another teenage heartthrob movie.


March 4, 2012


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I promise to at the first showing!


March 2, 2012


SOOOOOO Super excited about this. Can't wait!!!


February 29, 2012


so excited a movie is coming out. i hope it's as good as the books


February 20, 2012


I am so totally gonna watch the movie! This series is my favorite in the whole world!


February 19, 2012


Oh my goodness! I just screamed! (Don't worry, it was a happy one!) I cannot believe this is happening! When it comes out, I'll be sure to wacth it at the midnight premiere! Oh, I hope they get the cast right! Your series definitely deserves the popularity it has recieved! Miss Colleen you are a romantic GENIUS! :)


February 19, 2012


I just recently became completely obsessed and addicted to these wonderful, amazing books! You are a fantastic writer, Colleen, and I can not express my euphoria when i discovered that your books are being made into movies! Best of luck to the production! I only hope that they take time to make it real, and use actors worthy of the characters! .) I HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR REN, HOWEVER, IF YOU DO READ THIS AND ARE ABLE TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS AS TO THE FUTURE CAST, PLEASE CHECK OUT EDUARDO VERASTEGUI. He is pretty close to looking the part, with the darker skin and blue eyes, and he is a fabulous actor. I am so incredibly stoked for this and can't wait until it comes out! Your books and you are amazing! Thank you for writing these wonderful books!


February 17, 2012


AHHHHH!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!


February 12, 2012


Move over Twilight, Hunger Games, and Matched! We have a new series to obsess about! I was just introduced to this series three weeks ago and the few days I've spent waiting for the next book in the series was torture! I am consumed in the tiger brothers and Kelsey's world. It is definitely my new favorite series! I love the Indiana Jonesque adventure with HOT, yet clean romance! It is a series my middle school age students will get lost in. Well, let's face it, so will their moms! And now a movie...yippie kai aye!!! Keep the series coming Colleen, we are all hanging on by our fingertips!


February 11, 2012


I just started reading this series and immediatley fell in love with it. Im excited for the movie to come!But im really hoping they don't mess up my image of Ren and Kelsey


February 7, 2012


OH MY GOD!! i CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!! IF THEY SCREW UP MY PERFECT VISION OF THESE BOOKS, I WILL KILL THEM!!! But I can't wait to see if they get a really lame and annoying person to play Kelsey like they did with Twilight! and Ren had BETTER BE GOOD!!! I fell in love with the Ren formed by paper, so one on a screen had better do it at least twice as fast!


February 3, 2012


I am so excited! I really can't think of anyone who would make the perfect Ren or Kelsey though.


February 2, 2012


Omg!!! whoever posted who should be the actors in the film is brilliant!!! I can totally picture Taylor Lautner, Orlando Bloom, and Gemma Arterton as Kishan Ren and Kelsey!!! idk when this movie is coming out but i will watch it a thousand times before i get bored!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!


February 2, 2012


When I first saw the book it's as if it caught me in a trance. As I read it I felt so close to the book due to the fact that I lost my parents at 6 months old, and I don't have any siblings and I too look for love. I read the whole series a while back and I just can't wait for the next book and the movie to come out! I'm so excited!


January 30, 2012




January 30, 2012


I can't wait for the next book, just discoverd the amazing series at the beginning of this month, January 2012, and i want More!!! thank you for writing this truly amazing story.


January 28, 2012


I'm so pumped that your books will be made into movies. I wish a lot of luck toward you and their progress. I just hope that the people that make them take their time and make it the best they can be. I also hope they use less-known actors to make the films seem more...real, you might say. I can't help but feel when I go to see movies that I'm watching the actors more than the film, and it ends up dimming the experience. Either way, it's exciting to see the characters come to life.


January 25, 2012


CONGRATULATIONS on the news of your books turning in to a movie. My mother and I were talking about this for a long time. We love your books so much that we thought that your books should be made in to movies. We thought about which actors and actresses would best fit, and we hope you would look at them too! Gemma Arterton to play Kelsey, Taylor Lautner to play Kishen, Orlando Bloom to play Ren, Mr. Kadam by Antonio Banderas, Lordash by Martin Henderson or Viggo Mortensen, Nilima by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Phet by Pat Morita or Jackie Chan


January 24, 2012

Megan Khan

I am so so so excited that this!! I am on the second book and bought the 3rd. cant wait to read the 4th!! I cant wait for the movie to come!! hurrryyy!!!


January 21, 2012


I just finished reading book three Tiger's Voyage to my grandchildren today. I wanted to inquire when the next book would be available when I read on this site about a movie being made about the first book. I told my grandchildren and they had opinions about the movie. They hoped that the filming company doesn't drag it out like they did with Twilight and Harry Potter. Or ruin it like they did to Eragon. I didn't know they were such critics.They do not believe the studio can do this story justice on the screne. The fairies, the shark, the dragons, the mermaid, the guardians....it is just too much for the studio to even try to make and expect it to be believable


January 21, 2012


I m so excited that they r going to do a movie out my fav book TIGER'S CURSE!!!!!!N i hope that the movie will be a fantastic movie too watch!!!!


January 19, 2012


OMG am like soooo excited! i just got finished with the first book and im just waiting to get the second!Cant beleive there will be a movie?!?!


January 19, 2012


I am very pleased to hear about this! Wonderful! I cant wait! Yay! Thank You!


January 16, 2012




January 15, 2012

megan Dhiren=

ok what do you guys think about Adrien Adrien for Kishan or KOSTAS MARTAKIS for Dhiren KOSTAS MARTAKIS is Greek but absolutly gorgeous!!! he has naturaly blue eyes and does look indian. Check it out!


January 15, 2012


Every time i read what happens to kelsey i imagine it happning to me I personally prefer kishan i can feel him kissig me and hugging me without a problem in short, I AM IN LOVE WITH KISHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 14, 2012




January 12, 2012


I am soo excited about this movie. I am a HUGE fan of our books! I absolutely adore them. You did a great job writing them


December 21, 2011


I just finished tiger's voyage and I absolutely can't wait until tiger's destiny comes out!!!!!!!!! Go rensey 4eva and eva!!!!!! 8) .) :D


December 20, 2011


There has got to be another book. You can't just leave us hanging thats just not right!!!!


December 19, 2011


I am so excited to hear Paramount is making the movie. I found a nice looking man to play Keshan. I hope they stay true to your book and do not change anything . It is better to leave somethings out than change any part of your book. Looking forward to #4 book.


December 19, 2011


I am just wondering if there is a book 4 in the works,,,,shame to leave the story as it is....Did the curse ever get broken? Do Kelsey and Rin ever become a couple and what of the brother???? There really needs to be a book 4!!!!


December 19, 2011


I absolutely love these books! I have a feeling that they'll become just as popular, if not more than, the Twilight series. The love and adventure in this book series is just addicting! Because of this book series, I now want my own stuffed white tiger! I wouldn't mind a guy like Ren either minus the tiger part(: Can't wait to see how the movie turns out!


December 19, 2011


OOOOHHHMYYYGOOOOOSHHH SO EXCITED!!!!!! I want to hear every last detail about this movie!!!!!!!


December 19, 2011


I am totally excited!! Please don't let them leave anything out at all!!!!


December 19, 2011


I've can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


December 19, 2011


I agree, i hope this movie will be as great as the books and not leave anything out that will make the movie different than the books. But i'm still really happy to see it be made into a film!!!! congrats mrs.colleen and i promise when it comes out, i'll be the first to watch it!!!! 8)


December 19, 2011


This is great news, I'm really looking forward to the movie. I really hope the movie follows the story line to the letter. Cause many movies don't do that and several movies butchered the events from the book and re-arranged them in the movie. A good example of that is the Last AIR BENDER, it even left some of the events out. I really do hope Paramount Pictures does a good job and makes the movie as great as the book. Because it would break my heart, to see a movie of such a great book and have it not live up the standards that most book fans have come to expect to see.


December 19, 2011


i can't wait!!!! this will be the best movie ever!!!!!


December 19, 2011

love the tiger

great books love them


December 18, 2011


I love these books, and cant wait to see who gets what parts!!!!!


December 18, 2011

Annie x3

I can't wait! :D


December 18, 2011


When will they start casting/working on it? Will you be on the sets to make sure everything is done the correct way? :)


December 18, 2011


OMG awesome!!!! Me and adrea will for sure be some of the first to watch it! make sure the actors for ren and kishan are HOT! i mean it colleen! :)


December 17, 2011


OH MY GOD! This is the most amazing thing i've read about all day! When I was reading the books I honestly thougt, this would make an amazing movie. I really hope the movies live up to the book!


December 17, 2011


I just recently finished the 3th book, and I'm so trilled to know that my fav. series is going to turn into a movie!! I also want to say that I fell in love with the series since the first book I read!!!!Please keep out the hard work, Mrs. Colleen, and wish you luck with the movie ^-^


December 17, 2011


OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am totally going to see tht the MINUTE its in theaters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesssss this is soooo awesome :D


December 17, 2011


Me and my child had read the books and "R" very excited abount the movie. I would like to congratulate Mrs. Colleen for writing the best story-teller I've ever read, and for making it happen into a movie. I had a feeling all the way that it may actually be in a movie some day. Just be true and don't let them ruin the story. We want all the way. And stick to the story. Iwould have a hard time to read other stories after this. Congratz!


December 16, 2011


Correction: Any word on Tiger's Destiny or Tiger's Dream?


December 16, 2011


this is so exciting! i cannot wait for the tiger's curse movie to come out in theaters! i fully intend on seeing it the very day it comes out! also i love all the thrilling books you have written and i cant wait for the next book to be sold in stores! you rock colleen!!!


December 16, 2011


Wow, that is so exciting. I think this could make a truly epic film franchise. I hope that you don't let those big execs bully you around and they ruin this lovely story like they did with Eragon. Stick to your guns! Go women writers!!!


December 16, 2011


i just hope they dont ruin the movie and they cast well and it doest turn out stupid!!! im SO EXCITED!!!:)


December 16, 2011


I LOVE RENSEY!!!!! 4EVA!!!!!!!!


December 16, 2011


Ahhhhh words can't even express what I'm feeling about this, but yaaaaaa !!!!!1 :)


December 16, 2011


I'm really excited for this movie coming up. I'm just a big fan and I hope they make it as good as the books are. Congrats mrs. Colleen!!!! I hope all goes well with your movie!!


December 16, 2011


OMG....I can't wait..i just love it!!!


December 16, 2011


Very exciting news! I always thought while reading the books that they would make excellent movies.


December 16, 2011


Yay I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to see this. I'm trusting you on all of the cast members. Please let it come out sooner!


December 16, 2011


shahid and john abraham better be in the movie .)))) ren and kishan!!!


December 16, 2011


i really cant wait until the movie comes out this is my most favorite series.the one thing that i hope they do is make it much like the book as possible, and to also to get the character right but im still excited hope it come out soon!!!!


December 16, 2011


Colleen this is such wonderful news! I love the story and wait anxiously for the next installment. I want instant gradification, but realize I must wait for the books to be written. Keep up the GREAT work and can't wait to see he characters in film.


December 16, 2011


@ colette - I don't think her character has changed much. She's just got a really low self esteem, and is afraid of losing someone again. That's been pretty consistent through the books, IMO


December 15, 2011


CONGRATS! I am unsure if you know that there are some of your fans wanting to audition as well, so if you could post dates on that in one of your updates that would be AMAZING! Again, so thrilled for this news, and I hope you are a HUGE part in making your beautiful story turn in to a well developed film. Again, soooo happy for you! Can't wait to hear about your fourth book:D


December 15, 2011


I recently read the third book and can't wait to read the fourth one once it comes out... I was a early reader when you were publishing the books on the Kindle Store... The first two books had gotten alot of good reviews in the first two months... So I knew then that the series was going to be very popular and had a feeling that someone was going to get the rights for making a movie... I can't wait to see it! I know everyone is going to love it...


December 15, 2011


I just finished Tiger's Voyage. I wanted to say that I believe Kishan is a Cad and Kelsey is a weak-minded narcissist who can't be without a man in her life. The Kelsey from the last two books would not have dropped Ren and EVER considered shacking up with her brother no matter what Ren said. Boo, I was not impressed with the change in her character.


December 15, 2011


I am kind of worried. because I do not want this story to be mutilated like the twilight saga did. It's the same studio that picked up Twilight originally. As much as I would like to see these books make it into the movies, I would also hate to have it destroyed by inaccuracies in the storyline and bad computer-generated effects. I'm torn on this news.


December 15, 2011




December 15, 2011


cant wait!! i'll be waiting till it starts


December 15, 2011


Absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to see it on the big screen :)


December 15, 2011


Congrats ! I hope you have a big part in the production to make sure your passion for the story doesn't get lost in translation :) Also, please ask your fans to not make rude comments on other leading actors. Kristen Stewart & others deserve credit and respect. PS. Any word on Tiger's Voyage cover?


December 15, 2011


Just please dont cast Kristen Stewart in any of these films... That would ruin the entire thing for me! Super excited for the movie!


December 15, 2011


Exciting news. I agree with an earlier comment - I really, really hope they don't have white actors play Ren or Kishan, or any of the Indian actors - Please!! Prateik Babbar or Ranveer Singh are my Kishan choices. Vidyut Jamwal for Lokesh.


December 15, 2011


AHHHH!! :D:D So excited!


December 15, 2011


hello i did read about half of the tigers curse i quit because i was waiting for the 3rd book planning to read it


December 15, 2011


OMG OMG OMG Finally some news! I cant wait until they find the cast they want to play Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan. Shahid Kapoor should totally be Ren by the way.


December 15, 2011


This is amazing and I am so happy for you Mrs. Colleen! If you could blog about whether or not there will be open auditions for any roles, that would be ideal and greatly appreciated! I love this series and have gotten many friends completely hooked, you never cease to astound!


December 15, 2011


i love the books their my favorite book series but if they mess this book up by making it into a movie like the Percy jackson series and the twilight series i am gonna be sooo mad!


December 15, 2011


i absolutely adore this book. me and my friends are a big fan and we can't wait till its on the big screens! congrats colleen and i hope you won't stop making more tiger's curse books for a long time!!!!!!! I LOVE RENSEY!!!!!!!!!


December 15, 2011

White Tiger Lover

OMG!!! I as so happy, I can't even contain myself! Me and my friends are huge friends of these books, and we are so happy that this is finally going to be a movie! I can't wait to see ren on the big screen. GO TIGER'S CURSE!!!


December 15, 2011




December 15, 2011


omg! seriously, can't wait to see the trailor of it! it's gonna be the best most awesomest movie ever!!!!!!


December 15, 2011


This is going to be the best movie ever!!!!! :)


December 15, 2011


I am beyond happy right now. I have been reading and loving Tiger's Curse over and over again because the relationship between Ren and Kelsey (my name as well!) almost mirrors that of me and my boyfriend. There were literally things that these two characters said that my boyfriend and I have said- word for word! This movie is like a dream come true for me! Congrats! I know that you must be extremely excited, and I'll be sure to see it on the day/night it comes out.


December 15, 2011


I can't wait for the movie! ^^ congrats colleen


December 15, 2011


I can't wait! :)


December 15, 2011


That's awesome. Tiger's Curse just came out here in Brazil and I can't wait to read Tiger's Quest. I'm sure the film will be amazing.


December 15, 2011

Bagh Dost

Congrats!!!! That is so grrrrreat to hear.


December 15, 2011


I'm so happy for you! That said, I hope us fans get to see a "true to the book" film... the jaded part of me sees 2 "white boys" tanned up for the top roles and I am not happy about it... Hope to be completely wrong! But congrats either way! Tiger's Curse is a great book!


December 15, 2011


OMG IM SO HAPPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!


December 15, 2011


OH MY GOSH!!! I"M SOOOO THRILLED! I cant wait to see how it turns out! Congrats Colleen!! :)


December 15, 2011


Colleen, this is such fantastic news!I am extremely excited and I am at work trying to control my enthusiasm! This news is so soothing for the 'tiger-saga addicts' like myself! So sorry to hear about your fall and wish you a speedy recovery. By the way, i cant wait to come see you when you make it to Virginia(hint,hint)!!


December 15, 2011


That is the best news I have heard all day!!! I can't wait for the movie to come out...My favourite book of all time is being turned into a movie!!! Congrats Colleen all of your fans are proud of you!!!! :)


December 15, 2011


Can't wait till the movie comes out!!!!! the books are awesome i wonder how the movie will turn out


December 15, 2011


Beyond Thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!


December 15, 2011


YYYEEESSS!!!!! Finally I'm so excited I really hope they follow the book really well if anyone has ever seen the Hunger Games trailer they are following the book exactly and saying the exact lines that are in the book. I hope they do the same for Tigers Curse!!!!! So excited congrats Collen your the best author EVER!!!!!!


December 15, 2011


Oh MY GOSH! THAT is SO exciting!!!!!!! Cannot wait!


December 15, 2011


Oh, Colleen, that is amazing! I am so happy for you that not only did your dream of being able to publish your books come true, but that it's now progressed to this point! We are ALL so excited for you!! (And, and yes, I AM looking forward to the movie.) :o)


December 15, 2011


:D YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS Ms.Colleen :D :3


December 15, 2011


i cant wait i love the books and to see it in life it will be awsome im excited for u congredulations


December 15, 2011


Congratulations! I am so excited to see my favorite books come to life on the big screen!


December 15, 2011


Congratulations Colleen!!!!!! Very well deserved :) can't wait to see where this series goes with the remaining books and movies. Hope you're feeling better after your fall xx