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Tiger's Curse (Tiger Saga, #1)
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March 2, 2012

Questions, Questions, Questions

Posted by Colleen Houck in Contest Winners, Contests, Dream Casting, Inspiration Corner



I did a live Ustream chat in February and unfortunately it didn't record properly so I am answering all the questions again on Facebook. I kind of like that format so whenever you have questions you want to ask, send them to contactme@colleenhouck.com and I'll try to answer them on Facebook. Make sure you follow that HERE. I actually like being able to direct you to links, etc to help answer some of your questions which I can't really do live anyway.


Imran Khan


Birthday: January 13, 1983 (Note: Ren's Birthday is January 15th so they are both Capricorns)
Height: 5'11
(Note: Abs)


Khan married his long-time girlfriend, Avantika Malik on January 10th, 2011.
(Note: I think he looks a bit like Joey from Friends here)
(Note: I have great respect for a Hollywood guy who sticks with his girl)


Here is a list of the movies he's been in.

2008 Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na
2008 Kidnap
2009 Luck
2010 I Hate Luv Storys
2010 Break Ke Baad
2011 Delhi Belly
2011 Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
2012 Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
2012 Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola


Watch a trailer of his movie Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu HERE.
(Note: I really like the beginning producer's video when they use the colors with the martial arts)
(Note: This scene could be out of Quest when they are at the beach)

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you see Imran as Ren, Kishan, or neither.



When I was thinking of what challenges Kishan and Kelsey would have to face as they climbed the world tree gourds popped into my mind. Gourds are a much more interesting subject than you might think. There are stories that come from Africa that say the universe is a giant gourd that was cut in half. The top half contains the sun, stars, and moon and the bottom half holds the ocean. The land is considered to simply float atop the waters. There is an Asian myth about a rite of passage where a boy chooses a box or an oyster or something he needs to open and there is either something great inside which he gets to keep or something awful. Whichever he chooses determines the course of his life. I can't remember where I read that and its not in any of my mythology books but that story was essentially what inspired the House of Gourds in Tiger's Quest. Below are a few examples of of the many artistic ways gourds can be used. I think they're amazing!

When I set up the gourd room in the tree, I wanted it to be much more than just pumpkins and jack-0-lanterns. I imagined beautifully lit patterns and artistic renderings of all kinds.

Another thing that inspired this scene in my books was the idea that good or bad things could happen and it was simply the luck of the draw that decided your fate. One of my favorite movies growing up was Flash Gordan. I love those old campy movies.  I drew inspiration for the House of Gourds from the scene where a boy becomes a man by thrusting his hand into a tree scorpion creature's den. It was called the Trial by Treebeast. If the boy was stung, he wasn't worthy and he died, but if he survived then he joined the other men of the tribe. A very young Timothy Dalton played Prince Barin of the tree realm called Aboria. Huh...and now I also know there were once Prince Barin action figures. Excellent.




Now many of you may not know who Davy Jones was but he was a member of the first boy band I ever followed, The Monkees.


Keith Partridge was #2 but I'll save him for another day and maybe do a top ten boy bands list in a future blog. Sadly, Davy passed away this week and I thought a fitting tribute might be to show you my favorite clip from when he appeared on The Brady Bunch. Seeing him on that show gave me the faith that if you believe in your boy band crush strongly enough, he'll come through for you and take you to your prom.


As a personal tribute, I am revealing this never before seen outside my family clip of me and my sisters hamming it up to Daydream Believer. I'm the one in brown. Gotta love dad's old 70's shirts. Since I don't have a tambourine I'm playing a plate. We had great perms didn't we?

We'll miss you Davy!


Winner for tweeting about Colleen's ustream chat: jpbessler

Design a Date Winner: Jessica Gussias
She wrote: For my dream date it would be a little messy!! Around 4:30p.m. I would want him to pick me up. We would go to a lake and first have a picnic. Then we would go in a canoe and I'd splash him. He would splash back and then I would push him in! I would go in then too. We would swim and have a good time for a while (this dream date takes place sometime in the summer). We would go to shore and cuddle together trying to dry. We would watch the sunset over the lake and look up at the stars after. When he takes me home, I'd end the date with a kiss on the stairs!!!

Tiger's Voyage Poetry Winner: Sarah Harding
She wrote two poems but this is the one that is the winner. Can anyone else relate?

Oh dear Kelsey,
please make up your mind.
You know two great guys,
that really are kind.

They love you both,
we can see its true.
Oh dear Kelsey,
we envy you.

Who wouldn't love to know,
two noble men,
who are also part tiger,
and the perfect male specimens?

Oh us crazy fans,
like to believe
that you and the brothers exist.
We are not in our right minds you see?

We can't get you guys off our minds.
We think of you in the shower,
(yes we are very obsessive)
and even in the wee hours.

Oh us crazy fans,
have decked out our rooms and walls,
with everything tiger,
that we could find in our local malls.

We've read all the books,
oh a few hundred times through.
Absorbing every moment,
fight, quest, and kiss too.

We agonise terribly,
waiting for the next book.
We count down the months, weeks, days,
just because Colleen has got us hooked.

So dear Kelsey,
when will you make up your mind?
But I guess Colleen
will reveal in her own good time.

Our honorable mention this month comes from Ana Barrios who titled her poem "A Confused Heart". It is from the view point of Kelsey when she had a dream.

As I walked through a forest,
I felt the soft grass beneath my bare feet.
Lush and green,
Wet with dew from the morning rain,
Each drop captured the sun’s light,
Becoming little stars upon the earth,
Shining like jewels.

I heard the sound of rushing waters.
I ran as fast as I could,
The forest becoming a blur of green,
Passing by me as the winds blew through the trees
Like a whistling sound.

The sound became louder as I came closer.
Suddenly, I slowed down
For what I saw was a breathtaking sight.
A waterfall surrounded by a garden of evergreen.
Thousands of colored flowers in full bloom,
Many petals fell upon my long hair,
As if the petals were snow in winter.

I walked towards the water.
Clear and blue as sapphire,
Glittering from the sun’s reflection
As if gold coins were shining within the waters.

Looking down upon the waters,
I saw the reflection of a beautiful woman.
I realized the woman was me.
I was wearing a dress as white as the moon,
Long and flowing down the forest floor.
My hair cascaded down my back
Like a veil of brown curls.
My lips colored as red as a rose,
And my face was radiant with happiness as I smiled.

I closed my eyes as I listened to the sound of the garden.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps approaching me.
As I turned around,
My breath was caught within my throat.
Standing in front of me was a warrior angel.
His eyes were as blue as the skies,
His hair as black as night,
And his skin was golden as bronze.
Wearing robes of white silk he approached me.

His hand gently touched my cheek.
Warmth radiated from his touch.
All of a sudden, I heard another set of footprints
Approaching us.
I turned around and was shocked to what I saw.

Standing in front of us was a dark pirate
With skin the color of antique bronze,
His hair was black as the hair of my angel.
Wearing robes of black silk he approached us
With a devilish smile formed upon his lips.

I turned towards my golden angel.
Anger was sketched upon his artistic face.
The dark pirate had suddenly become sullen
Once he saw his rival.

I looked at them both and finally understood.
The warrior angel was Ren.
The dark pirate was Kishan.
My heart bound to them by a red string,
Yet the string was pulled both ways.
Tighter and tighter the ends were pulled
By the Indian princes
To win a game of love’s tug-of-war,
Deciding who shall gain my heart.

As I kept my eyes tightly shut,
My beautiful dream transformed into a horrible nightmare
Once I had opened my eyes.
The skies became gray,
Thunder and lightning erupted,
The leaves fell from the trees,
Dried up and turning to dust.
To what I saw next was frightening.
Two tigers,
One white, one black,
With faces so ferocious,
They had become beasts of my nightmare.

A war had finally come between my two princes.
A war to whom shall win my heart.
Finally, it had begun.
Fangs were bared, claws tearing through skin.
Crimson blood was shed through each bite and swipe.

Running away in fear,
I ran into a forest of silence.
Yet as I heard the sweet voices of the princes,
I dared not to look back.

The ground began to crumble,
Disappearing until a void was formed.
Running far beyond the void,
With all my remaining strength,
I headed towards a light.
But it was too late.
I fell into the darkness.

As I opened my eyes, I could see light.
The forest was once again as green as emerald.
Lying down on the soft grass, I realized I was not alone.
Looking down upon me were my Indian princes.
Their wounds were healed as their skin was smooth as marble.
Carrying brilliant smiles, I smiled back at them.
But, all of a sudden, my smile faded away,
For I had realized as I lost consciousness,
My heart belongs to them.

Awakened with shock, I walked over to a boat window.
Overlooking the midnight sea, the waves had calmed,
The moon glowed with a light of silver,
And many stars twinkled upon a curtain of violet.

My heart began beating as fast as drums,
Swirls of emotions and thoughts spun through my mind.
My breathing was heavy, my face red with blush.
As looked up at the night sky,
I saw the two faces of my warriors.
My heart suddenly became small
As I became saddened of what my dream meant.
My heart yearns for Ren and Kishan,
Yet my heart was filled with guilt.
A choice must be made.
Who do I love?
My heart has become a confused heart
For I do not know who is true within my heart
That lies within my soul.

Those were great! Congrats to the contest winners!


MARCH CONTEST #1: My Dream Movie Cast

Use the Rafflecopter form to submit who you would like to see cast in Tiger's Curse. This will be fun to see! Maybe I will even tally up votes and share who the most popular choices are. Each character that you have an actor or actress for gives you an entry for the prize. You can earn up to seven (7) entries for this giveaway.

The prize is a movie-themed prize pack! The prize pack is put together by me (Suki) and every prize pack has something made by me.

MARCH CONTEST #2: Goodreads

Goodreads is like wandering a larger than large library or bookstore. You can organize and review books that you've read, vote for books in lists, join virtual book clubs, connect with friends, and even enter giveaways. Use the Rafflecopter form to enter to win the prize. You will need to sign up for an account if you don't already have one. You can earn up to ten (10) entries for this giveaway. You must complete the first four entries (the ones you can see right now) before the remaining six entries show up.

The prize is a signed book or an audiobook of Tiger's Curse, Tiger's Quest, or Tiger's Voyage. Winner's choice!

MARCH CONTEST #3: Design A Nail Polish

Use the Rafflecopter form to design your own nail polish. You can earn up to four (4) entries for this giveaway. You must complete the first entry (the one you see right now) before the remaining three show up.

The prize is a nail polish-themed prize pack! The prize pack is put together by me (Suki) and every prize pack has something made by me.

All giveaways will accept entries until Saturday, March 31, 2012 at midnight eastern time.

That's it for today my friends!




March 12, 2014


completely agree if imran khan as ren cz the first time i read this book i was also thought imran who proper be dhiren rajaram,,,hahaha


May 11, 2012


i lovvvvvvvvveeeeeee kishan he is hot


March 31, 2012


I would go for the simple approach. I would have an ice blue base color on my nails. Then I would paint a clear coat over it that had tiny gold glitter flecks in it.


March 31, 2012


My own nail polish... probably Tiger Lily orange, because 1)tiger & tiger lily share the name tiger 2)I can't remember when, but Kelsey has tiger lilys in the series. Or am I remembering wrong?


March 29, 2012


my own Nail Polish theme.... hmmmmm it would be white background with black strips and a R made with the stripes and I would call it "Eternal memories" :)


March 27, 2012


it would hae half in gold with black stips then the other in blue with white strips and thru the midde i would have a golden brown that looked like the breaking of a heart to reprisent kelseys chose she must make


March 26, 2012


My design would be a creamy dark yellow color mixed with black dedicated to Kishan


March 21, 2012


My design for the nail polish would be cobalt blue like Ren's eyes with white glitter that would make the nail polish shine in the sun, and black tiger stripes, in which the inspiration for the design is Ren's tiger's form. The name of the nail polish would be "Blue Tiger," inspired by Ren's tiger form and his beautiful blue eyes


March 20, 2012


Omigods! Sorry if no one likes this, but I saw you guys all gushing bout how Hrithan Roshan is the perfect looking Ren so I looked him up. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! He looks nothing like he Ren I imagine (and believe me I imagine him a lot) just saying. I don't know who the guy they pulled in to play this dude is, but if you wanna see someone I think might play a good KISHAN, search "Dimitri Belikov" on Google. He's from a series by Richelle Mead called Vampire Academy hat is *ALMOST* as good as the Toiger Series


March 20, 2012


For the nail polish I would make a short line and add to it with every book that comes out. The first one would be a sky blue with white, blue and black sparkles for Ren. Then the next one would be an orangy color with red, black and a light orange for Kishan. The third book would be a little different and I would do nail polish for each dragon. I think Kelsey would have a neutral color. She not plain but shes like your girl next door.


March 19, 2012


i don't think the guy of the month would be Ren or Kishan. He just doesn't seem right. i imagin Kishan dark, mysterious, and daring. Ren would be strong, having piercing blue eyes. i don't know he just doesn't seem right.


March 18, 2012


A really neat nail polish would be a red based polish to represent Kelsey and her powers, with blue and yellow fleck overcoat to represent Ren and Kishan's eyes.


March 17, 2012


i would choose a really pretty blue like a jewl. i would name it ren's eyes


March 17, 2012

tigerlover 1

I don't think Imran Khan fits the role of Ren or Kishan. I think Hrithik Roshan would be a good actor for Ren, he has the manly qualties.


March 17, 2012


if this m,ovie doesnt turn out good or the producers didnt capture wat i've alweays imagined i'm going to choke one of my sisters


March 16, 2012


In Tiger's Quest when the Monk asks Kadam, Kelsey, and Kishan what they see on the necklace that Kishan said that there were two tigers, and that Kelsey said that she was in the middle. Well I imagine a nail polish with two tigers crossing each other in a circle with a peach color separating the two entities. I think I would call it "A Balanced Romance", or "Peach Tigers".


March 16, 2012




March 16, 2012


I was wondering when the 4th book of the Tigers Curse series would come out i am just DYEING to read it! Thanks!!!!


March 16, 2012


I dont think Imrhan would really fit ren or kishan... hes sounds like he a very good actor, excpet when i imagined them while reading i imagined them to look much different. ALSO, when wil we get a sneak peek pf destiny? my friend are dying!


March 14, 2012


I don't think this Bollywood actor would be good for either part. He doesn't fit the description of the book, although he is a wonderful actor.


March 13, 2012


omg!!!!! FREDDIE MCLAIR, should totally play as ren or kishan!!!!!!! he's perfect!!!!


March 13, 2012


I dont see him as either character.....he looks like Mat Leblanc(Joey) from friends.


March 11, 2012


when can we get a sneak peak of the next book????????????!!!!!!!! i’m dying here!!!!


March 10, 2012


I just finished the Tigers voyage, I am so obsessed about this book. I think imran is good choice, I aslo thought of some others such as Kunal Khemu, Shanid Kapoor,Harman Baweja and hrithik roshan for ren and kishan. As for Kelsy I like Nina dobreva, or Lindsy Fonseca


March 10, 2012


Love the contests and I think you should have an ice blue like rens eyes a gold like kishans and a orange like peaches and cream for keleasy


March 10, 2012


Nail polish... I don't wear nail polish a whole lot so this is difficult. I don't know what is possible with nail polish, but I have been thinking of like a war between either blue and gold or black and white with like a pale pink fragmenting between...then again that sounds more like a painting then nail polish. A pale pink that darkens to a deep red maybe almost like black then to like a shade of pink thats is completely different. Maybe call it shades of love, I am not sure. But to me it would kind of symbolize Kelsey's feelings, her first love(Ren), which deepens(also Ren), and is nearly killed but turns into something else(Kishan). I hope that makes some sense at least.


March 10, 2012


~Team Kishan~ HAHAHAHHA LOL HAHAHAHHA dude im going to start reading it to my mom or dad! that would be sooo funny if my dad liked it! hahahahhahah dont tell anyone but my dad actually likes the first twilight movie :D lol right! twilight cant even TOUCH tigers curse!!! colleen houck is 483993702384209840238402938420 times better writer than... stephenie meyers... im sorry if anyone doesnt like this comment but its sooo true!!!


March 10, 2012


Love the blog!!! Its amazing how Colleen can get us to read forever we love her so much! Colleen your so unique and talented:)


March 9, 2012


sorry i like the guy and he is on my ipod but i still see shahid as ren and ranveer as kishan and they are on my ipod s. i do like the nail polish ideas. :)


March 8, 2012


For the Nail Polish Theme contest, I think a cobalt blue that fades into a gold/cooper kind of color would be pretty. I would call it "Window to My Soul".


March 8, 2012


For the nail polish contest I would have a deep midnight purple and call it Breakup, a neon orange and call it India, a light spring yellow and call it Golden Fruit, and a bright glitter pink and call it First Kiss.


March 7, 2012

~Team Kishan~

@everythingaboutboo Haha awesome! Ive started reading TC to my dad aloud at nights. Just hit chapter 5, and hes actually enjoying it!


March 7, 2012


omg i really wanna tigers destiny to just come out already... september... why are you doing this to me... colleen


March 6, 2012


YES! You found Ren :) He has that I'm sexy and a romantic" look about him! He looks young enough and is looks like he can act too. He just needs blue contacts and to grow his hair out a little. Drool......


March 6, 2012

~Team Kishan~

For Tigers Curse nail polish, they should be focused on the colors, and not how well the colors match together. For obvious reasons (to obsessed fans), I would choose to have three basic colors. Blue, gold, and brown.(eye colors....DUH) What i would do, its honestly paint all my nails gold. XD. The blue I would call Ren (duh), the gold Kishan (again, duh), and i guess you can figure out what i would call the brown.


March 6, 2012


The books are so good!


March 6, 2012


to: ~Team Kishan~ hahahhahahahah lol!!! that was me when i first read it last year! hahahah i love tigers saga soooo much.... AHHH I WANT TIGERS DESTINY TO COME OUT NOW!! I CANT LIVE WITHOUT KNOWING SOON WHETHER OR NOT KELSEY WILL BE RESCUED HHHHHH


March 6, 2012


i might be sooo ttoatlly late but im super sad about the ending i mean i get it but is their no forth book some ne please claer up the air.again i apoligize for not knowing.i just finished reading


March 5, 2012

~Team Kishan~

Whoop whoop! On Thursday, i walk into my social studies class, and one of my classmates looks over at me, noticing Tiger's Curse on my pile. She basically gushes about it for the next five minutes, and im like, ok...the book is fine. She glares at me. Next thing i know, its 3am, and im finishing the last page.


March 5, 2012


warm peach pie: kelsey ( peach nail polish) a midsummer nights sky : ren (cobalt blue) buried pirates gold: kishan ( chocolate brown with a coat of gold sparkles) a friends loyalty: nilma ( a light lavender color with a light silver coat over the top)


March 5, 2012


Yeah! I won the twitter contest. How do I claim the prize?


March 5, 2012


Hmm i think it would be awesome to have nail polish in the color of the brothers eyes you could call kishan's pirate gold .)


March 5, 2012


Shahid kapoor does it for me as ren, sooo dreamy :)


March 5, 2012


Imran Khan would do good as either brother but I see him as more of Kishan. just his eyes seem wrong for Ren. His eyes say more of Kishan's past and behavior. The want for Kelsey from the first book and the regret from his past that caused this curse. I think for Ren maybe Hirithik Roshan. He seems more of Ren personality. (This is all based on looks) I have no idea what kind of actors they are or voices. I must say though I love this Comment and help me pick thing you are doing. I will do that if I ever get to be a as famous author as you. i must say I love this series. I just wish Ren and Kelsey never parted. :(


March 5, 2012


For the nail polish: i would do a set of five colors. Peach:Kelsey (a bright) Cobaly Blue: Ren White: Ren (tiger) Gold: Kishan Black:Kishan (tiger) Those would be the colors to represent the main characters of the Tiger's Curse series and to wear to show support for miss Colleen and her writing.


March 5, 2012


First of all I loved the live chat last week. It was very cool. Second of all I tried to comment about the nail polish and I must have clicked something wrong and it posted without me typing anything about my polish. But I want that prize pack! I love the tigers and I love doing nail art. So I would for one set of nails I would paint every other nail with either white background, black stripes and blue glitter highlights for Ren and the others black background with grayish stripes and golden glitter in honor of Kishan and I would call it "Indecision" For another one I would dedicated each fingernail to one of the dragons in Tiger's voyage by putting a sign to represent each element associated with them. I would call that set "Journey"


March 4, 2012


I would have a set of three and they would each be called 24 minutes,6 hours and two tigers. 24 minutes would be the shade of blue from Ren's eyes, 6 hours would the orange colour from Kishan's eyes and two tigers would be the 'claret-red' colour from Ren and Kelsey's valentines date.


March 4, 2012


i would make a hazy blue for ren because of his eyes and his feelings which are a little mixed up and i would name it LOVE CONQUERS ALL, i would make golden yellow for kishan because of his eyes and his overwhelming personality and i would call it ALLS FAIR IN LOVE & WAR, and for kelsey it would be a creamy orange with a peaches scent because of her warmth and love and i would call it DECISIONS.


March 4, 2012


My mom raised me so that I grew up knowing all the older bands, shows etc. I rembering being really young and instead of other kids that were watching blues clues, Barney and all those shows, my parents would put the Brady Bunch, the Monkees, Shirly Temple, and Abott & Costello on the tv. Davy was always mine and my mom's fav monkee that's why when she picked me up from school a couple days ago and gave me the news, I couldn't help but cry. :,( Cheer up sleepy Jeen. :)


March 4, 2012


I Love the books! Tigers curse Is Just The Begining!? I CANT BELIEVE IT!!


March 4, 2012

ren_lover forever

I'd do a darkish blue, or a creamy peaches!!


March 4, 2012


No way to Imran for either. He's nice, but not HOT and soulful(Ren) or charismatic and yet vulnerable(Kishan).


March 4, 2012


I'd do a peachy color called Peaches and Cream or a cobalt blue because of Ren's eyes.


March 4, 2012


One would be blue like the color of Ren's eyes and I would call it Dying Love for Dirhen. Another would be amber like Kishan's eyes and I would be somthing like Kishan's Kiss. Also maybe a peach one for Kelsey because Ren says she smells like peaches, and they could all be tied together with a ribbon that Kelsey likes to put in her hair.


March 4, 2012


If I were to design a nail polish based on this series, it would be a cobalt blue color, like Ren's eyes. I love his eye color!! :D


March 3, 2012


I am also a Davy Jones fan. Who could forget the Brady Bunch episode with Davy Jones.......It was fun to watch again. A blast from the past. It was fun watching you and your sisters having fun together jammin to Davy Jones.


March 3, 2012


Just by looking at his photo's he strikes me as a Kishan because he has an edgier bad boy look. HOWEVER, after watching watching the clip of his movie, ... I could see him as Ren! Adorable! :)


March 3, 2012




March 3, 2012


Oh I don't see him as a Ren or Kishan... ya...


March 3, 2012


I love Ana's poem! It was wonderfully done. I'm not sure how I feel about Imran being Ren or Kishan. I do like BigDreamer's comment about him playing the young Lokesh though. And I totally remember watching the Brady Bunch episode with Davy Jones!


March 3, 2012

ren_lover forever

:) Nevr been happier!!! Thank you!!


March 3, 2012


When I first saw Imran Kahn in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, I was drooling and I totally saw him as Ren. I thought he was perfect!


March 3, 2012


Truthfully, I can't see him as Ren or Kishan. I think the bollywood actors look a little bit too old. I think it should be someone in their early 20's to play Ren and Kishan.


March 3, 2012


I don't kow how to use raffelcopter!!!!! Please someone help since i couldn't enter the last one! Thanks


March 3, 2012


OMG my mouth just watered. talk about hunk. I could see him as Ren. He's lighter skinned yet still tan and well he does have that youthful look. I was born the same year...except a month later so hey I still look young too!!!! LOL, He's have to wear contacts though.


March 3, 2012


I think the guy you chose would be a good lokesh for the illusion he uses to make himself look younger for Kelsey. Oh and please don't make Ren and KIshan look to old in the movie. I don't want to see some 35 year old guy play a 21 year old. Anywho! LOVE YOU COLEEN!


March 3, 2012


Thank you so much for all the contests!!!!!!! They're really fun. I can't wait for the movie and the cast contest will keep us fan occupied until it comes out. Thanks again!