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Tiger's Curse (Tiger Saga, #1)
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September 17, 2012

Destiny Trailer Contest

Posted by Colleen Houck in Contests




We are running a very special contest right now. One you don't want to miss out on. Are you ready? You all better sit down. Sterling, my publisher, is not going to be making a Destiny book trailer. I know. I know. It's rough. BUT...I was talking about it with my movie guy, Raffi, and we thought it might be fun if a fan made a book trailer for TIGER'S DESTINY.



(1) Your book trailer has to be one minute or less

(2) There can't be any copyrighted material, meaning no music or images that are under copyright protection.



You'll have until the end of September to polish your trailer and then it must be submitted before midnight PST on Sept 30.

After that I will personally choose the top five book trailers and we will launch them on YouTube the first week of October. The trailer that gets the most likes by the end of October will win the grand prize!



Are you ready? Are you sure?

The winner of the TIGER'S DESTINY book trailer contest will not only receive an Ultimate Tiger Fan Prize Pack which includes the collector's edition boxed set, the exclusive edition of Tiger's Voyage, a giant stuffed white tiger to cuddle with, a concept art movie poster for Tiger's Curse The Movie, and all the audiobooks, BUT I will also fly to the winner's hometown, do a book event at their local bookstore or school, and take that person and a friend or family member out to a fancy restaurant where I will answer any and every question they want to ask.

NOTE: Before you ask, international fans may participate in the contest but be aware that the prize, though still fabulous, might not be exactly the same. 




COMPRESS YOUR TRAILER: You might want to compress your video before you submit it. For help, go to Vimeo Help for instructions on how to do that.


UPLOAD YOUR TRAILER:  Go to tigerscurse.wetransfer.com to upload your video. Include your full name and best contact info in the message section.

I'm so excited to see your fabulous Destiny trailers! Good luck to all of you and happy book trailer making!

Next stop on the Destiny tour is Las Vegas, then Salem, OR, Salt Lake City, UT, and Phoenix, AZ.




October 25, 2012


Please come to India, we're big fans here and we've already started our count down for the movie! Please give us an update if you can about when the filming starts in India :D We love your books and have read them over multiple times. We hope our trailer wins the contest :)


October 3, 2012

White Tiger

Where do you find the trailers for Tigers Destiny?????? I want to know.


October 2, 2012


I wanted to enter but I ran out of time and I have been really busy with school. :(


September 30, 2012


I keep trying to transfer my trailer.. I add it in but when I hit 'transfer' it just says Retrying. 0MB of 0MB completed. :(


September 29, 2012

ren_lover forever

I about had a heart attack when I seen what the prize was. To bad I know nothing about making videos, :.(


September 28, 2012


I wish I'd seen this early enough to try to make a trailer :( a giant stuffed white tiger sounds awesome!!!


September 27, 2012


I'm ALMOST done, and I'm so excited! Last thing I have to do is tweak with the music more and then compress it!


September 27, 2012


this sounds awesome! I'd love to do this!!!! Colleen, you need to check out the blog www.ReadingTeen.net < its awesome she does a review on Tigers curse and i loved the review.)


September 23, 2012


The book was well done! But a quick question, on pg.129 it says mr.Kishan instead of mr.Kadam is it supposed to?


September 23, 2012


AHHHH!!! So cool!! I would die to have lunch with you! (of course my aunt will come too, since she's the one that got me to read them) :D


September 21, 2012


I am sooooo gonna make it rock... I hope I can bring you to INDIA the hometown of me and the 2 hottest fiction guys!


September 21, 2012


Looks like I've got some work cut out for me! :D


September 19, 2012




September 18, 2012

Alaska.Girls.Kick.Butt .)

I'm going to make sure it's Alaska your coming to!! :D #Excited


September 18, 2012


wait are you series?! lets get working then! =D


September 18, 2012


Eeeeeeekkkkkkk i cant wait!!!!!! look out people im making a trailer