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Tiger's Curse (Tiger Saga, #1)
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October 1, 2012

October Contest Info

Posted by Colleen Houck in Contest Winners, Contests




Hello everybody! My name is Suki. I manage contests and prizes for Colleen. I know so many of you have been able to meet Colleen throughout her book tour. She has stayed so busy so we decided that I would get the contest information posted. Below I announce the winners from our September contest. You can also find the information for our two October contests.

September Winners!!

We gave you a paragraph from Tiger's Destiny and you wrote the next part.

Original paragraph:

When I crawled into the tent to join Ren and Kishan, they abruptly stopped talking.
"Keeping secrets, huh?" I teased. "I don't want to know anyway. I only wanted to tell you that the trees are all asleep. I think it's just a light's out kind of thing."

Most Surprising: Dallas H (This reads so much like Colleen!!)

They looked at me, confusion on their faces. I nodded.
"Yeah, you know the trees that are right outside the tent door that were throwing apples at us just minutes ago? Kind of like a creepy version of Wizard of Oz. Except instead of a lion and a scarecrow, I have a two tigers." I giggled, my head feeling lighter the more I spoke. But for some reason, I couldn't stop talking. I kept going on and on about the strangest things; books I'd read, movies I'd seen, anything that had anything to do with trees, it spilled out of my mouth.
Kishan's and Rebn's expressions went from confusion to worry, both coming to the realization that something was seriously wrong with me. I'd become hysterical by that point. I talked so much that I couldn't breathe. Kishan and Ren finally realized this fact and quickly scrambled over to me, just in time for the world around me to go black.

Most Funny: Laika V.

"I'll tell you anything you want to know my priya" smiled Ren reassuringly. I always knew I could trust that smile, and I never doubted him for a second that he would tell me the truth no matter what.
"Speaking about the truth," Kishan speaks abruptly before I could even respond. "Why don't you tell us that story about the time you were held in captivity at the zoo, Kelsey tells me this one's an interesting one."
Ren looked at me in surprise, then snapped out of it once he realized that Kishan was looking at hime with a mocking grin on his face. I remembered the time Ren told me he was in captivity while the zoo keepers kept trying to make him breed with a female. He looked at me for a brief second before I hid under my covers to hide my giggles as I drifted to sleep with soft Indian arguing in the background.

Randomly chosen: Jillian O.

Kishan changed into his normal jet black tiger self and fell asleep in a spot near where I was going to sleep. Ren abruptly stood up and walked outside, I followed.
"What do you want Kells?" His voice sounded harsh.
"I came to see if you were okay. Are you?"
"What does it look like Kelsey?" His words were harsh. "I have tried so hard to just leave you and him alone, but you just keep on opening my world back up to you."
"Look Superman I chose Kishan and I plan on honoring that!" I said that a little too loud.
"I love you Kelsey." He moved closer.
"No. No you don't. You just think you do." I tried to back up, but hit my back on a nearby tree.
"Let me show you." He kissed me. At first it was a slow tingling moving up my spine, and soon it was full of his passion and I gave him all he had just given me in return. His hands moved up and down my back, and I played with the hair at the nape of his neck.
"I told you I love you." He said.
Softly I whispered, "I love you too, Ren."
I looked up and his cobalt eyes shone with joy, and he kissed me again. He pulled away when we both heard a rustling from inside the tent. Kishan had emerged, in his human form, a tear was running down his cheek. He changed back into his tiger form and ran off into the nearby forest.


Contest 1: Tiger's Destiny Trailer

You might have seen that we're running a very special and very big deal contest right now. We are giving fans an opportunity to create a book trailer for Tiger's Destiny. We are extending this out another month since most people didn't read the book until last month when it was published.


1) Your book trailer has to be one minute in length or less.
2) There can't be any copyrighted material used. This means that any music or images that you use cannot be covered under copyright protection.

Submit your videos by the end of October!!

Colleen will choose the top five book trailers and upload them to YouTube. Voting will be open for the month of November--you vote by liking your favorite book trailer on YouTube.


In Colleen's own words:
The winner of the TIGER'S DESTINY book trailer contest will not only receive an Ultimate Tiger Fan Prize Pack which includes the collector's edition boxed set, the exclusive edition of Tiger's Voyage, a giant stuffed white tiger to cuddle with, a concept art movie poster for Tiger's Curse The Movie, and all the audiobooks, BUT I will also fly to the winner's hometown, do a book event at their local bookstore or school, and take that person and a friend or family member out to a fancy restaurant where I will answer any and every question they want to ask.

NOTE: Before you ask, international fans may participate in the contest but be aware that the prize, though still fabulous, might not be exactly the same. 


FIRST STEP--COMPRESS YOUR TRAILER: You might want to compress your video before you submit it. For help, go to Vimeo Help for instructions on how to do that.

SECOND STEP--UPLOAD YOUR TRAILER:  Go to tigerscurse.wetransfer.com to upload your video. Include your full name and best contact info in the message section.

Contest 2: Favorite Vacation Destination

Answer me this: If you could go anywhere on a vacation, where would you go and what would you do? I dream of being able to visit other countries but right now I would settle for taking our 3-day vacation to Kentucky to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary that happened 5 months ago. :) Enter via the Rafflecopter and tell us where you would go!

Any questions can come to me at contests@colleenhouck.com. Good luck! Colleen will be back soon with an awesome update on how her Tiger's Destiny book tour went.



October 31, 2012


If I could go anywhere on holiday... I'm not really sure, I quite like staying at home, but if I could go anywhere... it would probably be Greenland. One: It has hardly any spiders (I am terrified of them!) Two: I love the snow! Because I live in New Zealand, there is hardly and snow :( and Three: They say Greenland is beautiful and untamed. I would love to explore and run around! Yes, that would probably be my ideal holiday place :)


October 30, 2012


If I could go anywhere on vacation it would be New York. I would go to Broadway to watch some plays and musicals. I have always wanted to go to Broadway and New York. My favorite Musical would be Wicked, thats what I'd want to go see.


October 29, 2012

Mrs. Darcy

If I could go anywhere in the world, it'd definitely be . . .London! I would tour the entire city and make sure I enjoy all the things London has to offer. I'm pretty sure it's very similar to the big city I live in but it'd be fun to notice all the differences between NYC and London--firstly, their accents! :D


October 29, 2012


I would go to Italy because i have always wanted to go there after i went to Paris. Also because i want to see Venice the city that has water running though it. 8D


October 29, 2012


I would go to Inida because I love the culture and atmosphere there I would spend time in the jungle and time in the cities spanding time with the people! Or i would got to cabo for the beautiful weather!!!


October 29, 2012


I would love to go to Egypt. I've always wanted to go there because I've always loved the rich history thats there. When I'm there I would want to go visit the pyramids to see all the ruins and to just see all the wonderful things that they were able to do at that time in history.


October 29, 2012


There is so many places on the earth I would want to visit. After reading this book series, it's opened me up to how beautiful India really is. Id love to see India, and I would LOVE to got to China for the Lantern Festival!!! I think that would be so amazing to see.


October 28, 2012


I went to Hong Kong last summer and it's amazing! I know most people would choose Japan, Korean and other Asian countries but I went there anyway. It's a multicultural city so you may be able to buy souvenirs from different countries too :) Also, I love how they combined chinese and western cultures in room designs and whatnot :D


October 27, 2012


I would love to go to Hawaii right now. Well maybe I should amend that and say anywhere tropical and warm. I live in Utah and we just got our first taste of winter this week. I don't enjoy winter, it seems like I'm always cold. I HATE being cold!


October 27, 2012


I would go to India. For a few reasons: 1) Because I live in Singapore and I have lots of indian friends as Hinduism is a religion there, they say it's amazing and I would like to learn about their culture a bit more 2) My dad travels a lot there and says it is stunning with all the colors and flavors 3) Because most of the people in my school have been there and I feel pretty left out After reading the Tiger Saga it strengthen my resolve to go there it seems amazing and beautiful. So going there, for me, would be a perfect vacation.


October 25, 2012


I Would Love to go to ether India,(It's so real and amazing after reading the books) or I would Pick Australia to meet a friend who Lives there.


October 25, 2012


I would go to the Philippines with my best friend because that is where she is from. Then we would go to the U.K. and see London and hopefully meet One Direction.


October 25, 2012


If I only had to choose one spot, it would have to be a toss up between India and Spain


October 24, 2012


Let me just say you changed my life with these books!! I would want to go to Paris because, actually, I honestly don't know why. I just think it would be an amazing experience!!


October 24, 2012


There is something wrong with the vacation contest. When I go to make the comment it doesn't show up. And I tried it 4 times with the entries. So I guess I'll answer it here. After reading Tiger's Saga I would like to go on vacation to India. Want to try all the different foods, go cruising on a ship off the coast. Would love to go to a Star Feastival :) And sightseeing through the towns and cities there... :)


October 24, 2012


I would probably go to Greece and visit everywhere I can. I would probably also go visit Venice again because I just loved it there. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


October 24, 2012


TOTS INDIA! or England, cause i've always wanted to go to both.


October 24, 2012


I would go to India. I would travel all over the country and learn how to cook different foods and see the sites.


October 23, 2012


Paris is definitely somewhere I would go...not only is the Eiffel tower an extreme attraction but the miles and miles of catacombs found underneath are something that adds to my intrigue of this amazing place.


October 22, 2012


I would love to go the the Bahammas theres this resort there called Atlantis and its amazing


October 22, 2012


I'd love to go to Iceland - to do some hiking and riding and to adore that awesome nature and literary tradition.


October 21, 2012


I would go to hawaii to vacation and sit on the beach.


October 21, 2012


I would love to go back to Italy again it was so gorgeous....


October 20, 2012


I'm not much of a traveler, airplanes bother me. But if I had to choose a place to vacation it would be Greece. When I was younger Greek mythology was one of my favorite things to read about and study. It would be an incredible experience. At the moment I'm trying to write a book based on the Greek gods. It would be great oppurtunity to study the mythololgy in the place it was created. I have my fingers crossed, I've wanted to be an author since I was eight.


October 18, 2012


if i could go anywhere in the world it would be Madrid , Spain because my grandfather was spanish and i would like to experience the culture and go to el prado museum.


October 18, 2012


I would love to visit Brazil, I have been learning Portuguese and would love to be able to use the language, I know that they speak spanish as well which is my first language, but I have always been drawn to learning new languages and learning about different places, Brazil seems like an amazing place to visit and hopefully one day can achieve that dream of going. Thanks for the awesome giveaway by the way!


October 18, 2012


I would go on vacation in Igauzu Falls, Brazil. It's soooo pretty. When I picture paradise that's just what I see. And just have to say: I love your books! When I finish high school I'm deffinatley putting some of those places in India on my tour of the world. :)


October 18, 2012


i would go to italy. i have always wanted to go there but not fortunate enough to be able to go. i want to travel all around the world, and your books helped me do that. i want to thank you:)


October 17, 2012


I think I would go to Australia. I've always wanted to go there. If I went it would go on one of those cage diving adventures where u get to swim with the sharks!:) I think that would be sooo cool! I also would go see the Sydney Opera House. I would have to eat all the exotic foods like alligator! I would have to go see the Australian Outback! I guess I've seen to many Crocidile Dundee movies set in the outback and from then on out I've wanted to go there to see it for myself. Oh I almost forgot, I would have to learn to surf before I left! I've always wanted to learn how to do that and I've heard that the surf in Australia is amazing!:) Anyway, if I could go anywhere on vacation I would definatly go to Australia!:)


October 17, 2012

Megita 97

Forgot to add: I would make the most of each day and go swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, diving, eat as much foreign food that I could, and take TONS of pictures to remember it all. Cuz, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words! I would definitely stop by Kells' favorite ice cream shop. Oh, and I would go to the Caribbean Islands, Africa, Ireland, and Scotland because these are my nationalities. plus, my mom went to Ireland to visit family and said it was beautiful, so i'm just a little bit jealous.


October 16, 2012

Megita 97

I don't know if this counts, but I would buy a year plane ticket and travel the world. For those who don't know what this is, its a ticket that costs a ton of money, but that you can use for a year. You can go anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Then I would be able to go to the places mentioned in the Tiger's Curse series! It would be like one big, long world vacation! :D


October 15, 2012


If I had my dream vacation, I honestly would go to Salem, Oregon. I practically live for Tiger's Curse series. After reading the four books over and over again, and imagining the scenes in my head, I want to actually go to Salem and drive around with the books as my map. I would visit the places that Colleen mentions in the books, like the ice cream shop, the beach, the circus grounds, and just tour the general area. It would fulfill one of my many dreams of my favorite authors.


October 15, 2012


If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to South Korea, because I have relatives there and I haven't seen them in at least 5 years. I would also go to see the sights.


October 14, 2012


If I could go anywhere I would go to an Island in the South Pacific called Tonga. I would go there to help out with the poverty and for the beauty of the island people, and culture.


October 14, 2012


I would love to go to Malta to visit relatives and see the sights.


October 13, 2012


I would love to go to Itally. It just sounds like a amazing adventure. Vist the new people, learn new thing. try new food.Have a adventure.


October 13, 2012

ren_lover forever

i take back what i said earlier. I really want to go to Greece, and see the Athana Parthenos. It sounds so amazing...


October 13, 2012


it would be AH-MAZING to go to Greece! I love the culture there and their history. Plus it's beautiful...


October 13, 2012


To be honest, there is nowhere I have an intense desire to go. I would love to have a vacation, where I could simply hang out with my family and relax for a few days.I have been to many places through out my life and would like to just stay home on my vacation. To not have anything to worry about other than reading and hanging out with n=my family would be great. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway.


October 13, 2012

Tiger Lover

I would go to Lake Asayi. It's a beautiful place to camp and fish. I went there a few weeks ago and fell in love with the scenary. It's segregated and nothing I can really describe, just plain beauty. The natural construction the way at night the stars pop out of the sky and dance around you as you make smores. Laughing with family or friends about dorky things you did a long time ago. Telling stories about how your triumphs were and your losses. Most importantly that's a place that I can be one on one to myself, I can cry, sing, dance, scream. And no one can really do anything. That's were I want to go for a vacation. Or to Paris yay!


October 13, 2012


I would love to go to Ethiopia. To help out people who can't get clean water, and who can't eat a proper meal at school. Also, i would love to try and learn more Amharic, the main language there. Finally, I would meet my brother's birth mother. I know his father is dead, and i am hoping that she is still alive. My parents when to Ethiopia to adopt my brother almost 2 years ago, and my dad went back last February with a local organization that we volunteer for. I don't want to go any place other than Ethiopia, I have ties there and want to really see what my brother went through those four years that he lives there.


October 12, 2012


If i was to partake in a vacation it would probably be to the gorgeous state of Hawaii the many waterfalls and the beautiful sky blue ocean just peaks my excitement for this location. It is like a fantasy in real life in Hawaii the natural beauty and scenery makes it all the better, i would partake in the journey to the volcanoes one day while going scuba diving and enjoying the marine life the next. It is truly a masterpiece and one of those little pieces of heaven on earth. To be able to enjoy something so nice is worth every penny you spend on the vacation. even though its not about where you go in the world as long as your with the ones you love you should be happy. Life is precious and going to Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list.


October 12, 2012


To wake up to see a hummingbird out side my window was quite a shock! I had never seen one before and now look there are thousands! I have been to many places, various parts of the USA,Mexico,India(I'm from India),and Costa Rica! And the place where I saw the Hummingbirds, Costa Rica. I fell in love with that little country and can't help but to want to go again! I toured Arenal Volcano,zip lined over the cloud forest,saw the sunset every evening,and hiked thorough rainforests filled with so many plants and animals. I will not forget the kindness shown to us! My sister got an ear infection and the cab driver was negotiating prices with the doctor for us! And the food,oh my,instead of coming back with ten pounds I came back with a healthy glow.I am a vegetarian and Costa Rican menu's had 75% of the menu for vegetarian food. This Country is Eco-friendly and respects the rainforest so much. My dream is to see the Quetzel a type of rare bird and maybe on a second trip my dream will come true!


October 11, 2012


I think I'd go touring Europe because there's just so much history and lore there. It's a whole other world. I think it'd give so much creative experience, and you'd get to know the world and its people better.


October 11, 2012


Yay i would love a vacation


October 11, 2012


I would go to Japan! *-*


October 11, 2012

ren_lover forever

If i could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Alaska. i have always wanted to go there, to see the animals and sights. i'd love to go hiking there, and I really want to see the Northern lights.


October 10, 2012


If I could go anywhere I would go to the Camen Islands. This place has a special place in my heart because my grandmother went there and she just pasted away:( so I would visit the camen islands in a heart beat.


October 10, 2012


If I was able to go anywhere in the world, I would LOVE go to Italy. Italy is the home of huge history. For instance, Italy controlled a large empire in the ancient days. Another reason I would LOVE to go to Italy is to eat the authentic foods. My mom went to Italy for a business trip, and said that their food is great! Being in Italy means that I could eat real Italian ice cream! The cities of Italy are beautiful just to look at. Every building seems to have a story to it (like Ren and Kishan!). Plus, the shops in Italy are just wonderful! Window shopping to the actual goods inside the store are just great! Out of all the people I know who came from Italy, or had a VERY close relative from Italy, are VERY nice. The local markets are fun to look around with all the trinkets or the fresh fruits and veggies. In Italy, one of my friends lives there in Rome, too. Out of ANY place I would want to go to in the world, I would like to go to Italy.


October 9, 2012


I'd love to go to Venice again! I went there over the summer and it was beautiful, but I think I'd prefer going in the winter though....


October 9, 2012

Caroline W.

One of the places I'd love to go is the United States. Since very little my dream is to meet new cultures and different places and idomas. But unfortunately, I have not had that opportunity. I am Brazilian, I'm 13 years old and am also a writer. I already have a book published and am working on a next, who happens in New York. I would love to visit these places to learn more about them, and at the time of writing, you can put everything in its place. So it would be very important for me to know closely about what I'm writing. It would be a dream come true!


October 8, 2012


I would want to go to Spain, France or Italy.


October 8, 2012


If I could go anywhere, it would be to Ireland. The scenery is so beautiful and picturesque. I would walk down old dirt roads and hike paths that led into clearings. There I would look carefully for the fliting fairy wings that I have read about. I am completely into folklore, would love to experience the magical affect of the Irish air, of which my ancestors came from.


October 8, 2012


I would take a cruise to Jamaica and swim with dolphins in the warm ocean waters and see the cultural life,music,history.


October 8, 2012


I just love this series and think that this would be a wonderful event to do, but the place where I would love to go is India the way she writes about it its just existing and would love to see a the temples there :D


October 8, 2012


If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Germany. The history of Germans and the Jews in World War 2 are so fascinating and heartbreakening to me. I would love to tour around there and take a look at the remains of the concentration camps. I would be fascinated to go to the memorials of the dead Jews and the many museums. Other than the amazing history of Germany, I think the language is so unique as well as the people. The culture is so different than the American culture. The people are beautiful there. With their creamy white skin, unique eye color, and beautiful hair, I wouldn't find it hard to fall for a German. That is basically why I'd want to vacation in Germany if I had the chance.


October 8, 2012


If I could go anywhere i would go to Ireland. My family is originally from Ireland and I have always wanted to visit for no reason in particular. I would travel to Dublin to the country and visit some famous Irish castles.


October 7, 2012


I would go on a Mediterranean cruise with my family. I am actually going on one over summer break.


October 7, 2012


If i could go anywhere i would go to Atlantis i know it's not real but still that would be so cool to see i would go swimming and meet Poseidon maybe XD


October 7, 2012


If I could go anywhere it would be antarctica! I've heard so much about it and its my dream place to visit... even if i freeze... I would play with the penguins and build igloos and snowman's!!! Yes I do know I am crazy


October 6, 2012


If i could go anywhere on vacation it would go to London. What I would do in London is go on the London eye and tour around the city.


October 6, 2012

Li-ven the Wes-t

If I could go anywhere, I would go to Italy! It's SO beautiful there, and I have some relatives that I've never met before there, and so I would try to find them while I was there. I would also go for the amazing art museums that they have there too. But most of all, I would go for their delicious food :)


October 6, 2012


If I could go anywhere on vacation I'd go to Japan. I can't speak a word of Japanese though so it would be rather hard unless one of my friends that speaks Japanese went. I'd go to Japan because I'd like to learn more about the culture. If I couldn't go to Japan, India would be my next choice. There's actually a Girl Scout center in India, and because this is my tenth year as a Girl Scout I think it'd be neat to see the differences between GS here and in India. I'd also like to know more about the culture there. Although once again I don't speak the native language.


October 6, 2012


If I had to go anywhere on vacation I would so go to Greece! I would live in a big house on a cliff. I would love to go out at sunset and watch the pink, blue, purple,and orangey sky with the ocean there looking at me. Slowly would the sun go down and the faint stars will soon come out and then the night sky would come and the stars are so bright. The bright moon would glisten on the water and make my skin would glow. A bright breeze would blow through my hair. I would go to sleep hearing the light waves brush onto the shore, taking me into a deep sleep. It would be so beautiful! If I do not win this contest then congrats to who wins. I hope I do win though!


October 6, 2012


Even though I would like to travel to Europe and Asia, my favorite vacation destination is definitly the Rockies, in BC. For three summers in a row, my family and I travelled there by car, and nothing is more breath-taking to me than that scenery. Imagine: surrounded by rich forests and crystal clear, perfect blue or even light green lakes, with the magnificent mountains standing all around the road, just like friendly giants welcoming you... This is totally my favorite place in the world. My mind is at peace and my creativity expands a lot, as if the mountains could give me their energy. It's more than a destination that I like: I litteraly FEEL the mountains echoing in me, as if they were real persons. Of course, there's not just travelling by car involved here! I'd have to stop at either Banff, Jasper or Radium city to enjoy their hot baths, still surrounded by my beloved Rockies. And with a good book such as one of Colleen's, can that destination be any more magical? .)


October 5, 2012


My dream vacation would be to go to Paris. Thinking about all the romance and the beautiful language makes my heart melt. Standing in the Eiffel Tower at night overlooking the city would be the most thrilling, life-changing, beautiful opportunity. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find a Ren :)


October 5, 2012


More than anywhere else in the world I would want to go to Switzerland. I would go lay in a random emerald green pasture up in the mountains, where the air is sweet and fresh, and the magestic snow capped peaks dominate over the towering trees. Then, there would have to a couple of lovely brown cows nearby.


October 5, 2012


if i had a chance to go anywhere that would be Paris and Venice. Paris has always been the place i wanted to go, to see the eiffel tower and be able to roam around the streets. Venice cause of its undeniable beauty.


October 5, 2012


My dream vacation would be to visit my family stationed in Hawaii. My uncle is in the Navy so I don't get to see him a lot and I only see my aunt and cousins maybe once a year if we're lucky. Another dream vacation of mine would be to go and backpack through Europe. Paris has always been a dream goal of mine.


October 5, 2012


My dream Vacation? Aww common colleen you know this :) my dream vacation would be of course....would be to go to India. I love love love love tigers. The only time iv'e seen one live is at a circus and that was a faraway distance. Tigers have been my fav animal for about 7 or 8 years.


October 5, 2012


If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would have to pick Ukraine. I love the food and the colours and the culture of my heritage. I think it would be amazing to learn more about my family and my background. And I would LOVE to learn how to speak Ukrainian!! lol Thanks for this amazing chance & good luck to everyone!!! ^__^


October 5, 2012


I would love to go to India! The vibrant colors, the music, and the clothes! I would totally wear a Sharara dress!! I would also like to visit the Durga temples. I've seen it through Tiger's Curse and I want to see it in real life. OMG!!! I loved the random story!!! It was romantic, and so sad and I loved!!


October 5, 2012


I would visit WaKaToBi which is a small island rising from the depths of the Banda Sea (off the coast of Indonesia). It is one of the richest and most diverse archipelago areas in the world and was claimed by Jacques Cousteau to be one of the finest diving sites in the world. I would love to be one with nature below sea level in an area like no other. To look up into a swarm of circling Hammerhead Sharks and see the sun glinting down through the center and around them like a glimpse of heaven. Then while on the surface meeting the natives and learning about their cultures, eating the local foods, and making new friends. This is a dream of mine that I haven't fulfilled yet...but who knows?


October 4, 2012


If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to the Galapagos Islands. I would camp out on a beach and wait until I saw one of the ancient turtles. I would proceed to take as many pictures of me with the turtle as possible before it ran away. Shouldn't be a problem since turtles cannot run quickly :)


October 4, 2012


The bahammas definetly. There is this resort called Atlantis and its on this whole private island. The rooms are amazing there is a fountain in every one and not to mention the amazing veiw. Plus the food is great.


October 4, 2012


I'd love to visit Japan or an Asian country. I might not be able to speak a word of anything, but I hear the food's amazing! Also, a cold place would be great.


October 4, 2012


My Dream vacation would be a rip to Shangri-la, it would be the best place for a family picnic!!! But since that would be almost impossible, :) I would have to say Disney World and Universal studios in Orlando, with my brother and sister, the're the best people to go on a theme park Vacation with.


October 4, 2012


No question I would go to the UK and Ireland. I've been to England before but did not get to see nearly enough of it. So I would hit up London again and go here there and everywhere. I'd visit Mr. Darcy's house again (the house from the 2005 Pride & Prejudice that is. .)). Then I'd want to visit the Lake District, and also go visit Yorkshire so I could see where the Bronte's lived. I want to go to Bath and I want to see the Scottish highlands! And last but not least, I want to see the green, green fields of Ireland and stand on the Cliffs of Moher. Or some other cliffs. Really, any Irish cliffs will do!


October 4, 2012


Awesome contest!


October 4, 2012


I would go to Germany, where my mother was born and raised. I would visit her hometown and visit my grandparents, who live there. It would be amazing to see the country where my heritage originated.


October 4, 2012


If I could do a dream vacation right now it would be to take my family to Walt Disney World and have it be all inclusive. It would be nice to have fun with the family and not worry about the cooking or cleaning!!!


October 4, 2012


I already sent my trailer in for the September deadline... now I get to wait a whole month more to see which five get on youtube! Ahh oh gosh this waiting it gonna kill me. XD


October 4, 2012


If I could go anywhere it would be to Okinawa, Japan because my Oba which is my grandmom was born and raised in Okinawa for 18 years. I would really like to meet my Oba's family and learn about her life back in Japan.


October 4, 2012


Aww man I finished my trailer already last month and I never knew we would get extra time to finish I reaaaaaaaalllllly want the prize


October 4, 2012


if i could go anywhere it would be to Disneyland .0) i have 3 kids and that is just the place to be...ok ok if my kids were grown i would love to tour Europe, the buildings and history has also picked an interest with me .0)


October 4, 2012


I would go into my own little dream and have the time of my life with all the impossibilities


October 4, 2012


For my dream vacation, I would go to Europe. Italy especially, but the English countryside, France, and Ireland would also be on the agenda. It's a hard pick--I want to go everywhere! But those countries would be at the top of my list. I'd spend a little time at the popular tourist sites, but mostly I would want to just walk around and take it all in--and paint. I'd want to paint everything. I'd go with my sisters and mother. We're all really close. they're my best friends, and I would want to share an experience that memorable with them.


October 4, 2012


I came to America as a small child with very little memories of growing up in South America. In the years since, my country has been plagued with poverty, crime, and economic woes. If I can go anywhere on vacation, I would go back in time to visit this country my parents speak of as a place where people of all different races and religion lived in relative peace, where the morals of the community upheld the morals of the individuals, where stories from all over the world converge into a melting pot rich in culture, where the divide between rich and poor did not define who you were or how smart you were. I would go back to live in a world where laughter and fellowship were the order of the day. To experience this for just one day would leave me contented with the knowledge that what once existed could be made possible again.