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I apologize for my extended absence. Thank you all for your concern. I just wanted to jump in and write a few... Link
Q: Near the end of Tiger's Destiny, when Ren, Kishan, and Kelsey go back in time, why did Ren write Kelsey that... Link
The rightness of our being together struck me anew & all the insecurities and jealousies seemed suddenly... Link
Q: I was wondering when you write your stories are there moments when you wing it or do you-for the most... Link

Tiger's Curse (Tiger Saga, #1)
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May 14, 2017


Posted by Shara Lane


  Lions once lived in Africa, Asia, and southern Europe.  Now they are mainly in the game reserves of Africa.  Some can still be found in the Gir Forest of India but they are highly endangered.  An adult male lion can weigh as much as 550 lbs and grow as long as 11 ft including the tail.  Females are about 15-20% smaller and don’t have the beautiful mane the males have.  They live in families called prides just like you see in the movie “The Lion King.”  Only two mature male will be in one pride and they spend about …

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